Magic Camp Defense MOD APK 1.0.14 (Unlimited money)

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NameMagic Camp Defense APK
PublisherCantalooza Games LLC
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Magic Camp Defense is yet another dramatic defense strategy game. Indeed gamers passionate about this genre are familiar with the smell of guns. Battles to destroy enemies or monsters were a standard topic. However, each game will bring its feelings and content for the characters. And the game about to be talked about is Magic Camp Defense, a world covered by zombies. For young believers who like horror, this is a game worth trying. A group of zombie monsters meets you with heavy steps. It is both suspenseful and highly entertaining. Worth the experience to kill time with friends.


You probably know the scary properties of zombies. They will hover around every corner and appear when we do not anticipate them. Aim to find humans and find prey to bite. The space in the game will be gloomy and dark to give a creepy feeling. Everything around them will be destroyed. So what is the task assigned to the player? Then, of course, fight and kill them all.

Magic Camp Defens mod

Download Magic Camp Defenses mod – kill zombies.

The hideous undead is extraordinarily rampant and wants to destroy your base. Create strategies to defend the barracks with your companions. Show your defense skills and strength to deal with the zombies. They will attack continuously without stopping with no small numbers. Therefore, you must balance damage and defense carefully. Increase the necessary equipment and adjust how to destroy all of them. The equipment is still rough at first, but don’t give up. Instead, you will collect more advanced combat tools through each turn through the level. Try to fight to the end, preserve the barracks and bring back the peace like at first!


With a large number of zombies and monsters mixed. Players certainly won’t fight alone. There will be more team heroes to support and help you. Inside the game, there are many characters with different looks and skills. As you progress to complex levels, the number of monsters will increase. Do not reserve, but make the most of human resources in urgent situations. Arrange all on the tower formation on the vehicle accordingly and block the attack. You will receive gold and many other rewards when you pass the game screen. However, you will still get gold if you lose, but less. Use all you can to defeat those evil creatures!

Build a base

There must be a convenient and comfortable base for our soldiers, making sure the monsters don’t get in. This will be a place to plan strategies, practice more skills and upgrade characters with weapons. There are gold mines in the deep tunnels. Try to collect them back at the camp. Build bases on high! While fighting, you will collect a lot of rare stars. Use them to level up your character’s skills and combat tools. Let’s build a base with full facilities and personal equipment. Soldiers with good health and spirit can continue to sacrifice themselves in the following matches. Zombies and monsters are all around us!

Magic Camp Defens apk

Upgrade the tower

The high towers are strong armor to resist the resistance of the monsters. If the number of enemies occupied is too large, the base tower will be the weak point to die. You must defeat them and upgrade to unlock new equipment. Many buildings with attached equipment can defend and shoot down anyone who gets in the way instantly. In Magic Camp Defens, you can own such as a boat tower, dragon tower, palanquin tower, … full of resistance. Players can rest assured with their moving battleship and focus on attacking the immediate target. Besides, different lands will appear every time the player reaches a new level. Each match will have unique challenges, and the difficulty will increase daily.

Magic Camp Defens mod apk

Try to conquer all the lands on the world map. Always keep the number of heroes to the end. Arrange your troops and show off your good tower defense. This world is full of gun smells. So let’s create challenges together with friends and conquer them! Don’t miss out. Download Magic Camp Defenses mod now and join the heroes in epic battles!

Download Magic Camp Defense MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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