Royal Mage Idle Tower Defence MOD APK (Unlimited money/Free shopping) 1.0.212

Updated on 23/03/2023 (1 week ago)
NameRoyal Mage Idle Tower Defence APK
PublisherDany Bons
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money/Free shopping
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Gather powerful mages and join them in defending evil in Royal Mage Idle Tower Defense. You will experience defensive battles with brave people who want to protect the world. This land successfully nurtures heroes who grow up with mysterious magical powers. But now, the magic world has been invaded, and they are the dark lords. The time has come for the magical mage to stand up and protect the place of his birth from evil. While growing up, the magic power in them will strengthen you to fight together—defeat waves of dark enemies with the power of a magical hero defense.

Waves of enemies have flooded the world under the command of the dark lord. They are ferocious monsters summoned by their lords and ready to plunge into the magical world. But this place has protection from those who are strong and brave against war. The supernatural power of the world nourished them, and it was time to repay the favor. And you will be accompanied by heroic warriors who use magic to fight. They will all use their power and control the tower to stop the wave of monsters. Together with the magical hero of the world, defend the monster’s attack on the magic tower.

Royal Mage Idle Tower Defence apk

Download Royal Mage Idle Tower Defense mod – Fight for the world with powerful wizards

The magical world was constantly flooded by monsters and contaminated the mystical power. They followed the summons of the dark lords and simultaneously attacked this world. But fortunately, generations of magical heroes appeared in time and fought monsters. They received magical power from an early age and mastered it after adulthood. Those magicians were the most reliable fighting force the magical world relied on. You will see the hope of protecting the world from mages against monsters. Control the mystical, magical energy of the mage and fight the defensive towers.

Royal Mage Idle Tower Defence mod

The world of magic

The capital of the magical world has mysterious power but has been defiled by monsters. They are monsters that appear at the lord’s summons and attack the planet. Although the magic power was miraculous, it could not resist a series of attacking monsters. Therefore, this place of mysterious power is in danger of being destroyed and completely wiped out. But the hope of survival did not disappear when the magicians protecting the world appeared. They will fight enemies and dark lords with their magical powers. The magical world has given birth to powerful magicians, and let’s preserve this world with them.

Royal Mage Idle Tower Defence android 1

Evil dark monster

You will become tower defenders along with magicians with powerful magical abilities. And this is the time when the magicians on the tower must constantly fight the attacking monsters. They want to use large numbers to erase the will to fight you and the magician. So it would be best if you persevered in using magic power to stop nightmares and dark lords. Waves of dark enemies will keep coming towards you regardless of defeat or not. Their goal is to destroy you and continue their plan to destroy the world. Accompany talented mages to attack dark monsters from defense towers.

Royal Mage Idle Tower Defence mod apk

Tower of power

The world of magic is facing the darkest times from the enemy. They were monsters that appeared and attacked at the summons of the dark lords. And to fight them, the heroes had to step out and form a defensive tower. They will control the mysterious magical power to destroy waves of monsters step by step. However, the dark lords will personally appear and confront the defensive magician. They also have help from waves of nightmares, so you must persevere and increase your strength. Level up your magic power and collect loot to fight against monsters.

Royal Mage Idle Tower Defence free

Your goal when fighting with heroes is to protect the world from monsters. The cruelty of the dark lords has come to this world, and they are forced to attack. Waves of monsters will constantly destroy the peace of the mysterious magical world. So it would be best to stand up to protect the magical power against the dark demons. The powerful mages will follow your control to defend the towers. This is the only place that holds the hope of the magical world and does not let monsters invade. Download Royal Mage Idle Tower Defense mod to organize tower defenses with powerful wizards.

Download Royal Mage Idle Tower Defence MOD APK (Unlimited money/Free shopping) for Android

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