Hero Defense Castle MOD APK (God mode/No limit spawn/No ads) 1.0.9

Updated 06/09/2023 (6 months ago)
NameHero Defense Castle APK
MOD FeaturesGod mode/No limit spawn/No ads
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Hero Defense Castle

A strategy game that combines tower defense that calls up Hero Defense Castle. Become a heroic warrior, leading the most powerful army in the country. Stand in front of the city gate, blocking all the undead intending to enter your castle. Summon random heroes through cards collected in battles. Or get them in random quests and rewards. In addition, the player and his soldiers are standing at the front, waiting for the zombies to attack. Inside the castles, there are also archers. They fired deadly arrows at the zombies with bad intentions.

As soon as the zombies and goblins were killed and fell. They turn all into gold coins and are automatically drawn towards you. Strange creatures emerge from a cosmic black hole in the foreground. They keep appearing continuously without stopping until the player destroys all requirements in one level. They usually appear in a large army. Near the end of the game, screen is the densest appearance, with a red message appearing on the screen. Equip more ranged weapons above the wall to ensure a steady attack. After finishing a level, the player continues to move forward to the next level.

Hero Defense Castle mod

Download Hero Defense Castle mod – The battle to defend the castle against the army of zombies from the black hole of the universe

On the side of the defensive gate was a citadel specializing in the shelter of the army of soldiers. When the player’s entire army is destroyed, the player can buy more or summon more troops. They, one by one, came out from this orange building and stood in front of the castle guard. Players can also flexibly arrange the position of the army that obeys them. Your first champion is a brave girl with red hair. Wearing iron armor, holding a sharp sword. Do your best to fight to protect the citadel like your life. Your safe zone is marked by a dotted green arc. It shows up when an enemy enters here.

Hero Defense Castle apk

Hero Summon

Hero Defense Castle allows players to summon heroes through cards. The team of heroes and soldiers here is designed with diverse types of skills. They belong to many power systems and have different skills and appearance characteristics. Combine cards and awaken heroes to own the most powerful guardian army. Demon lord with two pointed horns and a bushy brown beard. The cold wizard wore a green cloak and held a sharp spear. Or the brown-skinned soldier with striking blue hair. On his face was a white tattoo of the crescent moon, symbolizing his tribe.

Hero Defense Castle apk free

Citadel of strength

As you know, on the walls of Hero Defense Castle, players equip long-range weapons to destroy enemies. The top of the tower is where these attack machines are located. The skill cards of this type of attack also make players open their eyes. Fires a rain of fireballs that attack enemies. Or shoot smoke that causes the opponent to be hypnotized and disoriented. Players can also upgrade these castles to make their attack more powerful. Increases defense and fires more ammo at once. This is also a factor that determines your success or failure.

Hero Defense Castle android

Monster army

The onslaught of legions of alien monsters will open your eyes. In addition to their dense appearance, their attack power and skills are also not medium. Small level players only need to deal with small animals. And easily overcome this attack should not be underestimated. Because later on, the stronger the monsters, they can even fly above the sky. In addition, they are also equipped with armor, swords, and sharp spears. This makes it difficult for players to attack. Especially if they also appear so quickly that the player can’t turn back.

Hero Defense Castle mod apk

If the player’s hero is destroyed first, there is still an army of soldiers. While your army fights against the enemy, the player needs to quickly summon the cards of the heroes. Or use magic potions to help players respawn. But if this happens after the youkai army starts attacking the castle. Then the whole thing becomes a waste and has no value at all. But rest assured, the table will be saved, and players can start that level again. Download Hero Defense Castle mod tactical battle to defend against alien monsters.

How to Download & Install Hero Defense Castle MOD APK (God mode/No limit spawn/No ads) for Android


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