ROC Defense MOD APK (Menu/God mode/One Hit/Unlimited money) 1.2.15

Updated 10/03/2024 (1 month ago)
NameROC Defense APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/God mode/One Hit/Unlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.1 +
Get it onGoogle Play
ROC Defense MOD APK detail?

Note : Some Features Don’t Work in-Game. Enable it on the start screen for all features to work.

Introduce MOD APK ROC Defense

Beautiful magicians, dream auras and fearsome villains at ROC Defense MOD APK (Menu/God mode/One Hit/Unlimited money). Destroy the ancient creatures that threaten the good villagers. Arrange heroes according to predefined stones on the terrain. Confront the greatest threats coming from the magical world. Many types of tactical heroines arrange and arrange the battlefield. Determine the ancient gods with boundless power from the battlefield. Summon guardians who protect invasive beasts that approach the crystal that holds human power. Countless moves possessed by beautiful women will shake the arena. Overwhelming world boss that needs to be fought many times, catch him.

Females with beauty interwoven from many cultures from Asia to Europe are always the subjects that receive the love of most of the audience. Not only that, the way animation is displayed will be exceptionally young-friendly. Multi-use skills will depend on the owner’s characteristics that classify attacks, defense or support skills. Unknown entities will appear continuously in the black hole of nothingness. Ancient wooden chests contain precious cards to level up your characters. Avoid letting monsters come into contact with the magic crystal. Once that thing is destroyed the game is over.

ROC Defense mod apk min

Download ROC Defense APK mod – Defend the world from nothingness

Nothingness is a dark and different place in another universe. That dimension is billions of light years away from the blue planet, but a significant event happened. The battles for the right to take the throne from the ancient witches produced dark magical energies with a dense frequency. This inadvertently attracted strange beings to that faraway place. They had found a way to open the portal to the magic core of the human world. Although the war is over, a greater danger is approaching. Guardian gods were sent down to protect the world from chaos. Once pure energy is tainted, the planet will plunge into chaos.

ROC Defense mod min

Strong Goddesses

They are gathered from all over the world to fight the forces of darkness. Each of them was a magician proficient in great magical powers. There is a wide variety of races to choose from with them. These races represent the planet’s origins as light, darkness, water, fire and trees. The cards will appear in the summoning area one by one to choose from. Silver fist medals are required to bring these spirits to the pre-set stone slots. In the beginning, the number of awards will be available, and killing the enemy will collect more to arrange the squad. If you are unsatisfied with the options, you can rotate the new champion.

ROC Defense free min

Strange guests from the black hole

An object that needs to be destroyed as quickly, neatly and as soon as possible. These abominations emerge from the black hole of nothingness to contaminate the pure primordial energy. They will move along the white lines that have been drawn. Depending on the level, they will move fast or slow, the resistance will be large or small. The larger the individuals, the higher the disaster level, requiring all the magical firepower to defeat. Every 15 stages of battle will have a leader appear. They were the leaders of the monstrous legion, the real boss had not yet appeared at this stage.

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Ancient Gods

They are standard weapons from the time of the ancient knights of the West and ninjas and samurai of the East. But there’s no way such things can deal with the powerful external forces of dark space. Those artifacts have been enchanted, so the potential has multiplied. Equip these artifacts to increase combat power, and healing effects, and improve skills. Weapons of the gods are also available, but they are difficult to obtain. A typical example is the trident of the water god of Greek mythology. Support jewels like rings are also very versatile for team effects.

ROC Defense mod free min

The leader of all

The leader of the madness and chaos of the dark dimension has a lot of patronages. When you find him, don’t hesitate to catch him. But it is not by chance that this man is made the leader of a place of madness, where obedience is recorded through brutal battles. He possesses all the most powerful abilities of the dark space such as absolute defense, colossal damage, and interrupting attack ability. He is the symbol of the highest power of darkness, one touch will corrupt the world. Defeat the final boss and keep the peace for the people at ROC Defense APK 1.2.15.

How to Download & Install ROC Defense MOD APK (Menu/God mode/One Hit/Unlimited money) for Android


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