Root Board Game MOD APK (Unlocked all) 1.31.2

Updated 23/11/2023 (3 months ago)
NameRoot Board Game APK
PublisherDire Wolf Digital
MOD FeaturesUnlocked all
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Root Board Game

The world of animals is extremely strange and interesting through books. The green forest is the gathering place of these creatures. Sometimes animal populations will quarrel with each other to assert sovereignty. A battle between the most powerful beasts to become rulers. It was a competition for each other’s territory in a large forest. To better understand this endless battle, go to Root Board Game and find out the winner.

Board Game is a type of game similar to seahorses originating from the West. Receiving enthusiastic support from young people, this game has been adapted to the phone. Now Root Board Game will turn it into an extremely interesting super product with even better gameplay. An eye-catching high-tech digital transformation. The characters have their own personalities. A game that needs luck and good strategy to win the final victory. Challenge your Board Game skills in the ultimate fighting game. Don’t let the joy in your soul be extinguished when you start growing up with a messy life.

Root Board Game mod

Download Root Board Game mod – Fight and gain control

The armies of the jungle were now gathering in formations. These factions will compete with each other on the way to become the hegemony of the vast forest. Take command of your army and join this great war now. Use your dice to initiate moves for your army. Draw cards to gain advantages in quick battles. Whoever gets the higher score wins. The remaining team with the lower score will lose and have to wait for another turn. Rely on your luck and playing experience to complete tough challenges. Defeat all other armies to win.

Root Board Game mod download

Many different animals

This is a war in a vast forest, inhabited by characteristic animals. These animals will include foxes, weasels, birds, beavers, etc. These animals will gather into different armies and begin to compete for territory. They settle disputes by fighting to see who is stronger. The weaker ones won’t be able to get what they want. In contrast, the winners will be the take-alls with greater perks. The ones who win in the end are the strongest. This battle will rely on luck being the majority, so the one that is luckier will be the strongest species in the forest.

Root Board Game apk free

Collect cards

There will be cards drawn during your turns. Each turn you will be allowed to draw 3 random cards. These cards will carry an image of beast warriors. This card will increase your team’s fighting ability according to their respective effects. The more cards you collect, the better your chances of fighting. You can choose to attack or retreat to protect this card number. Let’s explore the cards with the different functions mentioned. Use them wisely to become the strongest. Discover special cards that only luck can draw from the deck.

Root Board Game mod free

Invite your friends to join

This is one of the best Board Game of all time that you should not miss. Invite your close friends in to start fighting. Choose your favorite animal armies and start rolling the dice. Build a really methodical strategy and start this extremely balanced battle. Through these battles are laughter and joy for each other. Friendships will become stronger through these healthy games. Both intellectual development and bringing a sense of exhilaration. Let’s find out who is the supreme king of this great green forest. Don’t let others pass you by.

Root Board Game moad android

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have friends because there is always a machine ready for you to practice. There will be 3 levels of easy, medium and hard for you to start practicing with. The machine will be made to think on these levels and it won’t be so stupid. Feel the balance as you play and find effective strategies to beat it. This is an effective exercise method for you in your spare time. You can enter the game, customize it to start fighting at any time. The difficult mode will make you extremely surprised at its ability. Download Root Board Game mod and defeat all other animal opponents. Choose for yourself a strong army.

How to Download & Install Root Board Game MOD APK (Unlocked all) for Android


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