Skate Up MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Currency) 1.6

Updated 30/10/2023 (4 months ago)
NameSkate Up APK
PublisherRollic Games
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited Currency
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Skate Up

Skate Up MOD APK helps you experience the most exciting skating journeys. You will admire figure skating performances when participating in the world of ice and snow. Here, you control the athletes gliding on the ice with your talent. However, they will not skate alone but participate in challenges in different pairs. However, obstacles are walls that will continuously appear to challenge your control ability. So, you must help them overcome challenges and have the most eye-catching performances. Get ready for the task of assisting skating couples to overcome performance challenges.

The skating competitions have begun, and you will enter that world with a desire to explore. At the beginning of the levels, you will accompany couples who are athletes. They will put on skates that help them glide across the ice and begin the challenge. They are obstacles that prevent you from completing your artistic performances. So, you must use vines to get over the wall and continue your journey. By winning challenges, you can earn rewards and prove yourself. Embark on figure skating journeys as you join other athletes in challenges.

Skate Up mod

Download Skate Up MOD APK – Explore and conquer exciting skating levels

You will now be able to witness artistic performances taking place on ice. And the people who will perform artistic movements for you to admire are the animals. They have trained through different levels and are ready to show off their talents. So, this world of runways will be the best place for them to showcase their skills. But in addition to the opportunity to perform, they must overcome obstacles such as walls. They are built right on the skating track and prevent athletes from advancing. But you will use the rope to help them overcome challenges and continue their performances.

Skate Up apk

Accompany the skaters

At skating challenges, you will be the one directly controlling the athletes. They are talented people who can perform artistic movements and glide on snow and ice. And because you own them, you will witness those operations at the closest distance. But art performances also need attractive elements from costumes. So you need to help them wear gorgeous competition costumes. However, they need to be compact to not affect the skating process. Prepare for artistic performances while gliding on snow and ice in Skate Up MOD APK.

Skate Up mod apk

Overcome challenges

You are ready to skate at different levels while accompanying the athletes. And they will also show off their talent of gliding on ice skates in exciting performances. However, on the skating paths, you and they will encounter obstacles. They are high walls that will prevent either athlete from continuing forward. So you need to help the skating couple use a climbing rope to climb over obstacles. In addition, there will be other obstacles that require you to perform movements to overcome. Prove you are a talented skater by conquering challenges on the runway.

Skate Up free

Perform artistic movements

The skaters have joined you to launch different levels of challenges. And you will join them in facing many obstacles that test your talent. These can be high walls with a rope that you can use to overcome challenges. Or the block will be a circle where you must dance artistically to conquer. So, you will realize that to pass through obstacles, you need to perform artistic movements. They are professional actions and can only be achieved by talented athletes. Hone your skating abilities and show them off through beautiful, creative moves.

Skate Up android

You will have unique experiences in the world of figure skating competitions. And here, you will start those challenges when leading talented skating couples. They are ready to demonstrate their ability to perform professional movements at all levels. But they will need to overcome different obstacles designed in the journeys. So you need to help them overcome the challenge by using a vine on the walls. Besides, help them complete the performance with professional skating moves. Download Skate Up MOD APK to become the best athlete in skating performances.

How to Download & Install Skate Up MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Currency) for Android


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