Thunder Fighter Superhero MOD APK 6.2 (Unlimited money)

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NameThunder Fighter Superhero APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Chicken Invader’s classic game must be a familiar name when it comes to shooting in space. Do you want to experience a more advanced shooting game? Thunder Fighter Superhero is completely different from the classic shooting game you know. There is a special feature for players that will transform into super robots. If the robots you’ve seen on television are just as cool, then at Thunder Fighter Superhero you will have the same ability. You will be a special person when you are in this game.

Dangerous forces in space are trying to threaten the survival of the earth. As a super robot, you have an obligation to stand up for the peace of humanity. Join now on the journey to destroy the alien forces at Thunder Fighter Superhero. There, you will always experience a new feeling. Because this is an action game shooting fighter in space. It has a unique storyline and new gameplay that makes players feel caught up in a special twist. When the robots at Thunder Fighter Superhero fight, they are bold heroic, and resilient. Are you ready to join this fleet yet?

Thunder Fighter Superhero apk

Download Thunder Fighter Superhero mod – Fight in space

A series of gun battles taking place at Thunder Fighter Superhero makes players always stay on the alert. As a robot with the power of destruction, you will become a brave warrior. With all the functions and weapons, players can completely defeat the enemy with ease. Ingenuity and a talented mindset will take you to the final. At that time you have to really burn out all your energy with the stubborn boss. Go ahead and destroy them as quickly as possible.

Discover how to play

Like any other shooting game genre, Thunder Fighter Superhero still retains the classic gameplay. You are a beginner or a veteran gamer, it is still easy to master the gameplay. With just one touch, you can realize your passion for space shooting. Movement and automatic shots make you more confident when destroying targets. The player can own a sniper bullet or have a unique shape. Reward yourself with gold coins after doing the missions well.

Thunder Fighter Superhero

Super robot transformation

When playing Thunder Fighter Superhero, you will be transformed into one of two robots that is Spibey or Wolviron. Each one shows you different amazing powers. Spibey draped in red, victorious armor. With breakthrough attacks, Spibey always knocked down opponents with four blue bullets after each shot. Four times more energy consumption than normal guns, it can be said that turning it into a Spibey would be a good choice. In addition, upgrade Spibey to get extremely fiery battle speeds, to support your battles in the future.

Want to experience more and more new things, players are allowed to use Wolviron. You do not have to upgrade your character, Thunder Fighter Superhero will let you choose. The conversion from Spibey to Wolviron is an example. This super robot will give you the feeling of becoming a tiger. The beautiful image also brings many highlights between this vast universe. Not only that, Wolviron carries in itself a high-damage protein. Wherever they go, the opponent can hardly escape Wolviron’s sights.

Thunder Fighter Superhero mod

Never underestimate the enemy

Although he carries a strong amount of fighting power, do not be subjective in front of the opponent. Unique large-sized gliders can attack you. Stay on the alert especially while still in Thunder Fighter Superhero. Go forward and bring justice with your own strength. Giant machines include the Croodsadin, Iron Wall and Crulel. The power of counter-attacking is almost as powerful as it is. Croodsadin can send down-time bombs to attack you or even spit out balls of sparks. Iron Wall is also not inferior.

Spherical bullets are shot around you by it, requiring you to be agile in movement. The most dangerous is probably to mention the Crulel machine. Faced with it, you not only have to move skillfully but also attack your best. Cruel uses blue lightning to aim straight at your roller coaster. Add to that a series of circular sniped bullets flying through the air. But as long as you are careful and have a clear direction, you will definitely beat them all.

Thunder Fighter Superhero free

With features that take a new level, but still meet the offline version. This is a unique game when you can turn your plane into a robot. Download the Thunder Fighter Superhero mod to participate in explosive combat in immense space. Space Shooter also gives you powerful fighters, but if you want another battle, the Z Stick will probably be more suitable.

Download Thunder Fighter Superhero MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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