Slime Legion MOD APK (Menu/God mode/High Damage/Defense) 2.0.0

Updated 25/03/2024 (3 weeks ago)
NameSlime Legion APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/God mode/High Damage/Defense
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Slime Legion

Defend the forest of monsters from the arrival of mighty heroes in the Slime Legion. Strong heroes always believe that monsters were born to destroy peace. So they always hunted monsters and carried out a purpose called monster extermination. However, they do not know that monsters also have a peaceful world. Not all monsters are scary, but heroes don’t care. Their goal is to destroy any monster that appears without distinguishing right from wrong. Please become a member of the monster forest and protect it from the invading heroes.

Monsters in the minds of heroes are the darkest force ever. The actions that the hero saw were only when monsters ravaged the human world. However, only the wandering monsters out there become cruel and attack humans. But the heroes destroyed them and followed the trail to the monster forest. They do not want to find out the cause and want to destroy this forest at all costs. Generations of monsters are in danger, and you need to help them fight. Combine powerful monsters in the woods to upgrade their strength against human heroes.

Slime Legion android

Download Slime Legion mod – Defend monsters against human heroes

Your journey is not about controlling heroes who represent justice. And now they are the ones who illegally entered the forest of monsters. The thought of cruel monsters made the heroes perceive all monsters as evil. So they went to where the monsters were born and wanted to destroy the whole area. Monsters are now in danger of being attacked without bases from heroes. And to protect the monster forest, you must accompany them to fight. Create your favourite monster formation and combine it to fend off attacks from heroes.

Slime Legion mod

Monster forest

Monsters from before humanity appeared always had a separate area. This place is called the monster forest, and new generations of monsters are always born. All still live in the forest without going out to harm the human world. However, heroes have since appeared that monsters are the scourge of the world. So the heroes always aim for the monster forest and make attacks. And now, it’s time for the monsters to strike back at the heroes for the damage they caused. The monsters in the forest will force you to combine and defeat those arrogant heroes.

Slime Legion apk

Hero’s attack

You will become a monster and start your adventure in this world. However, you have encountered attacks from heroes to destroy all monsters. They believe that your existence and other monsters are to destroy the world. So the heroes landed in the monster forest and began to attack. The birthplace of monsters is threatened just because of the hero’s one-sided thinking. They have started shooting the jungle of monsters, and you need to resist the attack. Show off the power of demons and prove that not all demons are born evil.

Slime Legion free

Defeat the hero

Heroes who confidently represent justice while looking down on the monsters of the world. In their minds, monsters’ appearance would only bring humans disaster. So their goal has always been to eradicate monsters from the world and maintain peace. The hero’s attack on the beast reached its final stage when they attacked the forest. And to protect the monsters from the hero’s episode, you must combine monsters. If they hadn’t given the monster an explanation, then protesting was the best option. Take control of powerful monsters and connect them to defeat the hero.

Slime Legion mod apk

Blind faith in justice made the heroes unable to distinguish right from wrong. Heroes’ attacks are always for the sole purpose of destroying monsters. They could all perform any attack on the monsters that appeared in the world. And the monster forest has been threatened by the heroes, and it’s time for the demons to respond. You also become a forest member and will lead the monsters to defeat the hero. Combining monsters is how you find the strongest monster against the attacking hero. Download Slime Legion mod to show the hero forest to stop the invading heroes.

How to Download & Install Slime Legion MOD APK (Menu/God mode/High Damage/Defense) for Android


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