BARBARIAN MOD APK (Go to Test to add items) 1.0.2

Updated 26/01/2021 (3 years ago)
PublisherBarbar Games
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SupportAndroid 4.4+
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You are looking for a classic action role-playing game then BARBARIAN is one of the games worth choosing. The game is released by the producer Barbar Games. BARBARIAN is also a fighting and survival game. The game has a thrilling content and storyline. In the world of BARBARIAN you are the one who establishes the world order. By clever use of relationships, you will easily overcome challenges. The character system and landscape of the game are very diverse. You will travel through majestic landscapes, meeting and chatting with special NPC characters.

BARBARIAN is designed with sharp 3D graphics. Images in the game are created by designers with fine lines. At the same time, the characters in the game are meticulously shaped, vividly. The game has extensive maps from the plains to the highlands. There are many weapons and equipment to choose from while playing. BARBARIAN brings players lost in real life. Players can interact with NPC characters, hunt, gather to hoard food. In addition, your character can swim, jump, and climb mountains throughout the story. Daily activities such as eating, sleeping, resting,… are also sketched in a vivid realism.

BARBARIAN mod free
Mod version BARBARIAN

  • Go to Test to add items, resources and activate immortality.
  • To change language click on the icon in the left corner and select the language you want.

Download BARBARIAN mod – Explore in the new world

The opening of the game is the introduction to the main character’s background. You transform into the sailor of a ship with 6 members. You and your crew are looking for an island called Riva. However, just half the way, the ship encountered a big storm, someone was seriously injured and the captain asked you to return, but you determined to move forward. Ship wreck, you survive and drift to a strange island. This place is full of traps and dangers. Everything is completely new to you. You will meet the first inhabitants of the island and begin doing quests. Determined to survive and become rich, step on the stage of glory.


The plot is not linear

Unlike other storyline action role-playing games, BARBARIAN has a completely unique storyline. In most conventional role-playing games, the main characters and main characters interact programmatically. The conclusion is also a foreknowledge. As for BARBARIAN, the story and story situations are owned by the player. In the game, you will interact with NPCs using the character language. These NPC characters will present scenarios. How to choose the answer is up to you to decide. You can choose whether your character is a good guy or a bad guy. The game has no specific story, it’s all up to you.

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Attractive Combat battles

In BARBARIAN, whether you are on the good side or the evil side, it is difficult to avoid the fighting. These small battles can be fighting with gatekeepers, against giant spiders, monsters, … The main weapons in the game are swords, axes, bows, crossbows, batons. . The necessary types of equipment is shields and armour. To be able to win, your weapon must be the best. So you need to actively search for and unlock chests to find weapons and treasure. Besides, your skills are also extremely important. When entering the team fight, you should flexibly use one-handed attack tactics, attack from a distance with bow or crossbow,…


System of characters

The characters in BARBARIAN are diverse. The world in the game is weird and different. There are humans, beasts and giant creatures living together. All these characters are shaped with looks and live activities like in real life. You can meet any NPC character and interact with them. These characters can be either evil or good. If they meet a good person they can give you food and a job. If you are a bad guy, take up your weapon and fight. Besides, in order to develop the skills necessary for survival, you must accumulate experience. Then go find a teacher to teach you skills.

BARBARIAN mod android

BARBARIAN is a very addictive game. Enter the exciting world with the rich character system and many characters NPC. Coming to the game, you will have the opportunity to experience new adventures and challenges. You will be immersed in the colourful virtual world of landscapes and people. Expand the map, conquer the people and land you pass through. Search for many weapons and equipment, treasure chests to help you increase strength. Download BARBARIAN mod and conquer the new world, participate in fiery battles and become the world’s, powerful man.

How to Download & Install BARBARIAN MOD APK (Go to Test to add items) for Android


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