Dark Throne MOD APK (Menu/Attack Multiplier, God Mode.) 1.1.0

Updated on 25/05/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameDark Throne APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Attack Multiplier, God Mode.
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Purge the evil forces with the plot to dominate the world in the game Dark Throne. The war between humans and monsters seems to have ended many years ago. But now the war has resumed, and the initiator is none other than the demons. They persisted despite the setbacks and have grown up to challenge again. The suspenseful battles have begun once again, and so are their plans. The demons don’t give up their goal of world domination easily until they succeed. So lead the determined queen to embark on a challenging adventure facing evil demons.

The land of the peaceful people has been raised and occupied by evil demons. The demons were angry and decided to attack the human world to avenge their defeat in the past. They will gradually occupy every place on the earth and turn them into the darkest place. Dark times are about to cover the human world before the appearance of evil demons. You must play the role of the queen and advance against those dangers and protect the human race. The fate of this whole world depends on your ability to confront the dark prison forces. Decide the future of humanity against the invasion of demons with the power of human heroes.

Dark Throne android

Download Dark Throne mod – Protect the human world from the devil

Demons have again appeared in every corner of the world and plunged this place into darkness. Demons now transformed the clear waters into the darkest hell. A dark force has now invaded every land where humans lived from the depths of the earth. To protect humanity, you must become a mighty queen and fight against demons. The hero has appeared, and a determination must be made to begin the adventure. The world’s quest for peace in the face of demons has just begun. Humanity from the devil needs to be protected to continue to fight them anywhere.

Dark Throne apk

Explore the world of demons

The result of the previous war between the humans and the demons was in favor of the brave humans. The demons accepted defeat and hid in a dangerous place humans could not enter. So they can rest and wait one day and come back for revenge. The time has also come when they will appear again in this world. Dark places again appeared on earth giving birth to mysterious creatures. They embody the devil and turn the earth into the environment they live. The world of demons is full of death and brutality; it would be dangerous to let them continue to destroy this world.

Dark Throne mod apk

Demon slaying journey

You are a person living on this earth and have a part in protecting this place. Moreover, you are now a powerful queen whose demon-slaying power comes from bravery. Their cruelty of them forces you to step out to stop them and decide to adventure the dungeon. The lands once occupied by demons will be the places you need to enter bravely. That place will be where you need to face the demons and fight them. The road ahead of a queen will promise many difficulties with monsters and demons. Persevere on her journey and transform into a queen to keep the earth safe.

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Fight for survival

The confrontation between you and the demons is not simply a duel between you and them. It is also a decisive battle for the survival of humanity; whose representative fighting for them, are you? Such unusual battles will show you your responsibility. Before many demons, you have more to win against their siege. Every time your queen gives out a skill, it will significantly damage the demons. Try to survive the onslaught of evil demons around and keep moving forward. Fight not only for your survival but also for the survival of humanity against the devil.

Dark Throne mod

The demons had appeared after a long time, lurking deep inside the dungeon to recover. They were strong again and attacked, believing they would quickly destroy the human world. They cause every dark place in the world, and we need someone to step out. You will be the queen of this world and take the responsibility of destroying the demons. Step by step into the dungeon and fighting bravely against the besieging demons is your duty. The world of demons is still waiting to be discovered, with many mysteries along the way. Download Dark Throne mod to play the role of the queen who rises strongly and destroys the bloodthirsty demons.

Download Dark Throne MOD APK (Menu/Attack Multiplier, God Mode.) for Android

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