Stick Battle: War of Legions MOD APK 2.5.5 (Unlimited money)

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NameStick Battle: War of Legions APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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With tactical-style gameplay, Stick Battle: War of Legions has become the focus for today. The stick guys will be our main characters. The mighty army between the two forces is fighting each other. Just because the ambition to dominate the countries raised the flag of struggle. Great wars broke out, making everyone afraid. Immerse yourself in the war as a national monk and help your army win the opponent. Occupy their stronghold to expand our army.

With the skills you have, leading an army to victory is not necessarily difficult. Not to mention the sophisticated tactics that scare the enemy. Your army will soon rule them all, defeating your enemies one by one. Stick Battle: War of Legions is a strategy game. So to win we have to create many top-notch tactics. Thousands of traps created will be applied in battles. The opponent will be subjective if we use the tactics discussed. Then there was an all-out siege that won the victory.

Stick Battle War of Legions mod

Download Stick Battle: War of Legions mod – Use the strategy of the enemy soldiers to fight against the enemy

Stick Battle: War of Legions is a unique game that makes many people fascinated. Your army will be fully armed soldiers. With the bravery to defeat the enemy, your legion is always connected. It is often said that only unity brings great strength. It is true that the enemy, although having more soldiers than ours, is in battle. In terms of unity, our army won everything, causing even the enemy to flee. Not only stopping there, but your army is also still aggressively moving forward to destroy the enemy. They are worthy of being the elite of the human race.

A brutal war between kingdoms is just because of greed. Through many battles, your army has had many major wounds. Resting for a while was necessary right now, but the enemy army was too large not only for humans but even for the monsters they had tamed and made beasts of. While our fighting power was reduced, the enemy’s army was constantly getting stronger. New warriors have come to your aid. With the increased strength of our troops, we fought for the enemy to run everywhere.

Stick Battle War of Legions mod android

Tactical battle

Those of you who are military advisors for the arrangement of the corps can also participate. With this army, you can come up with reasonable tactics. The perfect substitutions, the defending team will stay on top to block the enemy. Next, a large number of fierce melee soldiers destroyed all the outsiders who were able to break out of the encirclement. Finally, the most important team in the archery line, with the condition that dozens of archers are allowed to shoot arrows at the enemy, causing heavy losses to the other side. They couldn’t do anything but swallow this lump of anger. It’s also because our defense is so solid that archers reach their full potential.

Legion Upgrade

The battles that cause your army to suffer are not few. Also because their fighting ability is not high, so the amount of money we win after each battle will make up for the army. Upgrade all troops so they can be even stronger, after being improved. Everyone is energetic and always ready for any emergency. Not only that, their attack power has increased many times, now when fighting the enemy we don’t have to worry anymore. If you have good strategies, don’t forget to come to Stick Battle: War of Legions to try.

Stick Battle War of Legions mod apk

Get exciting rewards

The most important part after each battle is to collect our achievements. The amount of money received is enough to upgrade the entire army. In addition, there are more special rewards than high-level generals. It is a great reward because, with it, your army has strengthened a lot.

Stick Battle War of Legions mod download

The battles will also come to an end, then it is certain that you will be the one to unify the forces together. Because in your hand is the most powerful army, victory is understandable. Download Stick Battle: War of Legions mod to fight with soldiers to defeat the enemy.

Download Stick Battle: War of Legions MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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