Castle Crush: Epic Clash MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited mana) 6.3.2

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NameCastle Crush: Epic Clash APK
PublisherFun Games For Free
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited mana
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Do you want to enjoy a strategy game with more unique and novel gameplay? If turn-based combat or character control has made you feel bored, Castle Crush: Epic Clash is the next option you should consider. Use tactics to command legions to destroy enemy bases in Castle Crush: Epic Clash. Divide the battlefield into three separate boundaries to fight freely. There will be no outside influence, so you are free to use a different strategy. Use your army to repel the enemy. Accumulate resources and use them at the most critical times.

Bringing the ancient world theme of warriors, witches, monsters… You are the supreme commander of your kingdom, with the task of preventing the invasion of the enemy. Simultaneously attack and destroy the enemy stronghold. We will not fight normally. Instead, there is an entirely new 3-way combat system. These warriors will directly confront the enemy in divided areas. Whoever is stronger will proceed to the enemy base and destroy it. It is a complex process of strategizing and defeating the enemy.

Castle Crush Epic Clash mod

Download Castle Crush: Epic Clash mod – Tactical challenge to destroy enemy bases

In each match, your base and the enemy will face each other. Connecting the bases of the two factions are three main roads. This is where warriors will be summoned to confront the enemy and fight. Use warrior cards to summon them and lose a certain amount of mana. The amount of mana is limited, so you can only summon a few warriors. So in the first stage, you have to save resources. At the same time, it can still defend itself through the enemy’s attacks. When you have more powerful cards in your hand, turn the position upside down to summon them. Defeat all of the enemy’s troops and destroy the opposing stronghold.

Your strength will be based on the summoning cards. They are magical cards capable of becoming a certain force of warriors. There are also magic cards that use magic in an emergency. A match is the perfect combination of warrior cards and magic cards. Always keep a close eye on all three fronts to help and replenish forces at any time. Use all means to reach the enemy base. Remember that you are in danger as long as one of your lanes is overwhelmed.

Castle Crush Epic Clash mod apk

Collect key cards

This is your main source of power. The magic cards capable of summoning warriors are in it. From races such as humans, elves, dragons, orcs, elemental monsters… Each card has its power and consumes a certain amount of energy. Before the matches, you need to choose the most suitable cards on that battlefield. Win and collect resources such as experience gold coins to upgrade cards. When reaching the highest level, evolve to change the appearance of the warriors in the card. In addition to the warrior cards, we also have magic cards. Provides magic to attack or assist in a critical situation. From launching lightning, shooting cannons, poison…

Castle Crush Epic Clash mod apk free

Get daily upgrade gifts

You’ll collect a plethora of random cards from fighting in story mode or just getting a full daily gift. They are used to replenish existing cards for upgrading. Note that only cards of the same type can be upgraded for a given card. Story mode is where you collect the most cards. Through each battle, the reward will be related to your force. Increase the ability to collect in large numbers and upgrade cards quickly. If you want this process to go faster, you can consider spending a certain amount of diamonds to buy chests. Each chest will unlock a number of surprise cards.

Castle Crush Epic Clash mod free

Exciting online confrontation

With such a play, Castle Crush: Epic Clash will become more attractive and intense in battles with other players. You and your opponent will choose your strongest cards. Enter the battle and summon them to start the fight. Because it is PvP mode, the opponent will calculate unexpected moves. You must catch and counterattack at any time. Otherwise, you will lose at any time without being alert. Actively climb the leaderboard to face many real players. Compete to see who is the smartest goalkeeper strategy king.

Castle Crush Epic Clash free

The all-new battle system challenges the limitless creativity of gamers. Mythical warriors get increased strength and beautiful changes in appearance. The mechanism of opening gifts is full of surprises and fun. All will be in this simple but attractive game for all players. Download Castle Crush: Epic Clash mod and fulfil your high tactical needs.

Download Castle Crush: Epic Clash MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited mana) for Android

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