Raising Infinite Swords MOD APK (God mode, Free chest) 1.1.20

Updated 26/03/2022 (2 years ago)
NameRaising Infinite Swords APK
PublisherMerry Realm
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesGod mode, Free chest
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play
Raising Infinite Swords MOD APK detail?

Open chests for free in Shop > Summons

Introduce MOD APK Raising Infinite Swords

Sword is one of the most familiar weapons in fighting games. Swords alone must be associated with the game Raising Infinite Swords that I am about to talk about shortly. We desperately need swords to be able to destroy enemies and monsters. Although compared to real life, guns are much more effective. However, there is one thing that always favors swords. That is the ultimate magic power in games. It makes the sword the most powerful weapon. Nothing can compare to legendary swords. This game has a lot of swords for you to use as you like freely.

The wave of monsters was unleashed, bringing with it many evil monsters that were invading this world. Your hero is the one who stands up to fight them. His main and only weapons are swords. You will be surprised to know that the number of swords in Raising Infinite Swords can be up to thousands of trees by fusing swords. Step by step, we will create legendary swords of unparalleled strength.

Raising Infinite Swords mod

Download Raising Infinite Swords – Creation of infinite swords

The main weapon of the hero is the sword and only the sword. If you think that’s too flawed, you’re probably wrong. With hundreds or even thousands of words, it is difficult for us to use them all in the game. From two words combined, it is even possible to create a new sword. This mechanism will cause the number of combined earns to increase day by day. From there, you will have hundreds of swords to fight with. Opponents are monsters with many distinct strengths and classes. That’s not why you give up the pride of a hero.

Every time you fight, the swords will fly around you. If you give the command to attack, they will fly towards the enemy quickly. The battle will look very beautiful and chaotic. You can also power up from multiple devices. More upgrades, forever stronger swords. This journey is expected to last a long time, so you need to upgrade many times. Overcome many difficulties to become the strongest hero.

Raising Infinite Swords mod mod

New look added

After each battle, you can own yourself any hero’s skin. It could be a powerful machine warrior—ancient Angel and many more themes for you to choose from. In addition to the interesting swords, there are also other interesting looks. Not only to look beautiful, but they can also increase damage in a real way. You can even use items to upgrade them. Generally a perfect element indispensable in the journey. Why not take the time to fight and receive rewards.

Raising Infinite Swords mod free

Lots of swords and supporting weapons

Swords are very diverse and of all kinds already exist in the world. From heavy swords, short swords, scythes… are all available. They all have separate stats and effects. Suitable for certain monsters and bosses. Not only swords but spears, magic staff are also present in the game. It is an add-on weapon that adds the most needed effects to your sword. Upgrade them often when fighting in many different places. As long as you have the ultimate strength and high skill, you will not be afraid of any enemy. Match your weapons wisely to win.

Raising Infinite Swords mod apk

Adventure around the world

The world is dotted with various dungeons of varying difficulty. It is possible to earn valuable items and weapons anywhere. But definitely, one thing that hinders you are the giant bosses. They will always be ready to destroy you at any time. So with all the strength and wisdom you have. Accompany your allies in the dark dungeon. Destroy all enemies that stand in your way to the great treasure. Each area is an interesting story to be revealed. Make sure all will come back alive and win glory.

Raising Infinite Swords mod apk free

Carry with you hundreds of powerful swords. Ready to destroy anyone who gets in the way. Raising Infinite Swords is a light and exciting game for gamers. Follow the adventures of the sword-wielding hero. Travel through many lands and encounter different monsters. Surely Raising Infinite Swords mod is a great battle with no end.

How to Download & Install Raising Infinite Swords MOD APK (God mode, Free chest) for Android


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