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Updated on 20/03/2022 (1 year ago)
NameGuardian Knights APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/Damage, defense multipliers
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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If you are looking for a turn-based strategy game, Guardian Knights will be a perfect choice. Based on the story motif of warriors and bravery. The Guardians are trying to protect their most important things. The turn-based combat element is at the core of this entire game. You’ll have to use your tactics to make each move truly meaningful. Turn one of the toughest battles into a glorious victory. Throughout the journey of Guardian Knights will be continuous upgrades and evolution. Are you sure you have enough skill and perseverance to reach the end?

Bring many elements similar to turn-based fighting games. Guardian Knights have a complicated story and world, but its gameplay is not too difficult to get used to. Play as a hero who is on his way to adventure across all world continents. Your mission is to conquer all the monsters that inhabit those lands. Each type of monster possesses a unique power that cannot be underestimated. That’s why we need to have a warrior squad, not just one. Start collecting and creating your strongest team right now.

Guardian Knights mod

Download Guardian Knights mod – Battlefield of tactics and tricks

Each match will have a maximum of 5 warriors joining the battle. You have to create the perfect set of 5 warriors based on that rule. These warriors must have compensating strengths and abilities for each other. Subsequent use the squad you have to adventure through the lands. Each continent has many levels with many monsters. At essential milestones will appear terrible monsters or dangerous bosses. You have to be very careful with your every move at those stages. The battle is turn-based, so the warriors and monsters will have their turn to attack. Many other important factors affect the turn. Use them to the fullest to help create an advantage.

Guardian Knights mod apk

Various legendary heroes

We need to pay attention to the most are the fighting heroes. Each hero has its origin and story. So it wouldn’t be anything special if they possessed unique abilities and powers. Upgrading and equipping warriors will also be taken care of by you. Equipment, when attached to warriors, will increase specific stats. And the important thing is that each warrior is strong in their way. You must carefully learn the main strength of the warrior. Put resources into that element to make them stronger and stronger. Then combine five warriors. You have created an undefeated and strong squad on all fronts.

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Impressively detailed plot

It is not because of the simple gameplay that Guardian Knights does not have a deep storyline. Presented as a cinematic experience for all players. The game focuses on stories from the lands within. The characters also each have their backstory and origins. This makes it clear why they appear at each stage of the plot. Unexpected episodes and events will intertwine and take players from one emotion to another. Thereby you will feel the whole context of Guardian Knights. The battles experienced will bring much deeper meaning. They also contain messages with multiple purposes.

Guardian Knights mod free

Challenge your abilities

If you’ve been adventurous enough in story mode, why not try comparing your current strength with other players? Battle Arena mode will prepare you to experience more challenging battles because you will fight with the warrior squad of other players. On a worldwide scale, encountering many unique tactics and formations will happen very often. If you win, your ranking points will be increased and vice versa. This is a never-ending race that occurs at specific points in the game. Together with other players, develop the strength to the maximum. Overcome thousands of strong opponents to prove your ability and tactics.

Guardian Knights free

The adventure in Guardian Knights will never end when you and the warriors never give up. Start building your squad from the very first stages. Then develop strength through many adventures. Learn more new strategies and mature in your gameplay. Don’t forget to check your current strength and interact with other players. Guardian Knights mod is a great place to test your tactical abilities. Are you a genius at building strength and bringing peace to the world?

Download Guardian Knights MOD APK (Menu/Damage, defense multipliers) for Android

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