Dice Hunter MOD APK (Unlimited crystals) 6.1.2

Updated 20/03/2024 (4 weeks ago)
NameDice Hunter APK
PublisherGreener Grass
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited crystals
SupportAndroid 5.1+
Get it onGoogle Play
Dice Hunter MOD APK detail?

You need to finish tutorials then restart the game to get high crystals amount.

Introduce MOD APK Dice Hunter

The dice masters won’t let the world of Dice Hunter MOD APK (Unlimited crystals) die in the dark. Or will he begin his journey to save it from evil people? With their ability and technique, these people have a perfect chance to destroy the evil minions. He is making them unable to withstand the forces that constantly attack them. Make the most efficient moves from energy sources how to maximize the skills you own. The feeling of being adventurous in a dark world is always unique.

Recently, combining board games and fighting is becoming increasingly popular. It is a perfect and stress-free mix for any player. Instead of skill, we will use the sharpness and flexibility of the mind to fight. Far from what action games are asking for. But that does not mean it will be less flashy and attractive. It can be a game you can’t get out of once you’re in. The feeling of exploding all the items and picking up a great power is unique.

Dice Hunter mod

Download Dice Hunter APK mod – Hunt all monsters.

The world is being ravaged by an evil organization called snake eye. They unleash dangerous legendary monsters to attack all the inhabitants of the world. They were causing a commotion that put the people in danger of perishing. This is the moment when the dice heroes appear. They use their skills with great luck. Roll the dice and see what you get. With enough luck, you can even finish off enemies very quickly. Let fate decide if you can become a legend or not. Defeat and collect all the monsters to clean up this chaotic world.

Fight with monsters

Monsters appear and fight according to the instructions of the other evil organization. They will meet you at any level they start participating in. While facing them, finding ways to collect as much energy as possible is necessary. That was because the armor of these monsters was very thick. Can withstand and reduce the damage of as many attacks as possible. Face dangerous and merciless vampires. Defeat the giant fire-breathing dragon with his sword. Duel with the giant troll to get him to submit to you. Defeat giants to harvest precious things from them and bring back great loot.

Dice Hunter mod apk

Card Harvest

Do you wonder what the legendary monsters that die will leave us? The answer is that precious cards can hold great power. These cards will be harvested when you kill monsters. The stronger the monsters, the more stars the card has. The most important is the additional stats that the cards provide. There will be a change when equipping these to the empty slots carried by the hero. Immediately stats such as attack or defense will be optimally increased. Then your hero will be able to fight more vigorous opponents. Conquer them and enrich your card collection.

Dice Hunter mod free

Here you also have the opportunity to compete fairly with other players or friends. Show them who will be the luckier with top-notch challenges. That’s when you will use all your energy to change your destiny. Beat them with the most vital and most painful blows. And increase your position on the leaderboard to compete with the top players of Dice Hunter APK 6.1.2.

How to Download & Install Dice Hunter MOD APK (Unlimited crystals) for Android


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