HERETIC GODS MOD APK (Free purchase) v1.30.15

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V1: Free shopping

V2: Menu/Unlock vip/Unlimited gold

After starting the game, click on the round button on the top left to open the menu, where you can earn large amounts of money by selling any item.


HERETIC GODS MOD APK (Free purchase) is a fantasy role-playing game in the dark temple. Bringing an extremely attractive fighting style, attracting a large number of gamers around the world. Dive into a mysterious world in an abandoned temple, where there are wandering demons that have not yet escaped. Inspired by the battles of ancient gods with brutal demons. These demons carry evil intentions to eat up the souls of the survivors. Become one of the surviving heroes and the hope of mankind. Bring weapons and money on an exciting adventure in this dark and shadowy area.

In this dungeon, there were countless caves with the existence of monsters. All this bleak scenario is set in the enigmatic land of Viking mythology. In addition to slaying monsters, the player’s main goal is to get inside a cursed monastery and banish heresies. The kinds of cults that make people’s minds go fuzzy and act out of control. If these heresies were eliminated, the hope of eradicating all the monsters was one step closer. The weapons that you are provided with are of many different types. Leverage them with your awesome skills to make things easier.


Download HERETIC GODS APK mod – Conquer the dungeon by yourself in the mysterious land of Viking mythology

After putting on armor and carrying appropriate weapons and equipment, players officially enter the battle. Easy, intuitive control system gives players the best feeling. With the virtual button to control the character to move in the left hand corner. Surrounding this control virtual button is also a red arc with a plus sign above it. That is your hero’s bloodline, when attacked, this blood column decreases. On the left hand side are the attack buttons and the support skill keys. Just by tapping this attack button, your hero automatically aims and attacks the nearest enemy.


Stylish equipment

With two empty hands and a torn clothes, how can you fight the monsters? Then the player only has to equip a lot of weapons, costumes, jewelry, … Every thing that the player carries with him, makes the player’s strength increase a bit. Gathering together can make your power increase significantly. Armor sets and helmets of the same color reduce enemy damage. The rings, bracelets, necklaces, and crosses, … are designed in a magical medieval style. Weapons can be hammer, ax, knight’s sword, bow and even shield to protect your hero.


Soul Points

When you complete the requirements of a floor, the score that the player receives is calculated by many factors. Including the time the player captures this tower, the level of destruction of the enemy,… Besides the character level and experience that the player receives, the player is also given extra soul points. Any player on the server that completes a dungeon will earn this point. Save them so you can release the level cap of the monsters. When high-class monsters are released, players have the opportunity to explore more intense challenges. They also bring rare rewards and high reputation points if you win.


Random Dungeon

As the name suggests, the dungeons here are randomly generated. This causes the cave to change constantly, players never play twice on the same scenario. It is generally understood that multiple levels may have similar requirements. But the transformation in the architecture and the transformation of the enemy makes you feel new. The deeper you go to explore the dungeon, the more interesting monsters you encounter. The flickering light also made the dungeon much more unrecognizable. The monsters also have a color spectrum consistent with the surrounding scenery. Players need a keen eye to recognize their approach.

HERETIC GODS android 2

But players can rest assured and enjoy the 48-skill system the game offers. This skill is diverse in many different types to support you in battle. They come in many unique character shapes that can be combined to change. But it also depends on the circumstances of the war for them to change. Only when players use these operations can they clearly understand their direction. The equipment can be exchanged with the villagers if there is an item of equal value. Download HERETIC GODS APK v1.30.15 to destroy all monsters inside the dungeon.

How to Download & Install HERETIC GODS MOD APK (Free purchase) for Android


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