SF: Idle Merge Tycoon MOD APK (Unlimited resources) 5.0.0

Updated 12/11/2022 (1 year ago)
NameSF: Idle Merge Tycoon APK
PublisherMagic and Robots Idle Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited resources
SupportAndroid 10.0+
Get it onGoogle Play

Introduce MOD APK SF: Idle Merge Tycoon

The forces in SF: Idle Merge Tycoon always compete with each other exceptionally fiercely. Everyone wants to get the best interests of their side completely. But only the strong and worthy can achieve those conditions. In addition, defending your territory is also necessary from wars. So get ready to build the galaxy’s most powerful fleet. Grow together and destroy every army that attacks your empire. Bring peace and prosperity to the entire space in which you live.

The legendary space wars of the old generations have re-emerged powerfully. But you no longer have to control too complicated as you think. Instead, SF: Idle Merge Tycoon will follow the currently developed idle gameplay. This gameplay allows the features to be active continuously. So automatically do the most difficult tasks for you. That’s the new fun we can find in this type of play. Sit back and enjoy the rewards you deserve for free.

SF Idle Merge Tycoon mod

Download SF: Idle Merge Tycoon mod – Train your battle fleet

Your fleet is ordered to defend your command base against a massive enemy attack. That is why all the best warriors will be sent on their mission. You will start with a simple and relatively modern fighter. It will automatically attack opponents when they appear in front of them. Each destroyed enemy will be rewarded with a big bonus to accumulate. After the attacks are over, you will be transferred to a new level. While fighting, try to upgrade your battleships in both quantity and quality. Make your warriors qualified to fight more vigorous opponents.

Powerful fleet

The spaceships you control will always have to adapt to new difficulties. You need to collect a lot of better components in your quests. Don’t stop using them to upgrade your members. New generation warships will constantly appear in the shop. Upgrades qualify you to buy and unlock the things you most desire. The stronger the fleet, the greater the benefits for you. Easily reach higher levels to exploit more resources. It can help to achieve many achievements, and watching them fight powerfully in the vast space is refreshing.

SF Idle Merge Tycoon mod free

Defeat the boss

The biggest threat you face is the mighty enemy commanders. They are behind the plots to attack your forces to gain control. They dominate as well as conquer a large part of the universe out there. You will face these guys at the end of the levels. We will face them directly with our powerful firepower. Must have good resistance as well as enough damage to finish them off. If you are too weak, you will be destroyed by the boss and have to redo the game screen from the beginning. Face them and see their dangerous abilities on display on the battlefield.

SF Idle Merge Tycoon mod apk

Valuable rewards

SF: Idle Merge Tycoon also prepares us for many idle tasks that bring many benefits. So we can make full use of them by being active every day. Thus, the upgraded resource will also become abundant. Build a stronger and more formidable combat formation. Make even the most dangerous enemies fear before that great power. Only you can change the destiny in the universe of SF: Idle Merge Tycoon mod.

How to Download & Install SF: Idle Merge Tycoon MOD APK (Unlimited resources) for Android


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