Potion Punch MOD APK (Unlimited money) 7.1.4

Updated on 26/01/2023 (2 months ago)
NamePotion Punch APK
PublisherMonstronauts Inc.
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Entering the world in Potion Punch is the best thing when looking for a game to entertain. A game with many beautiful colors. Use simple 2D graphics with scenes like in old medieval stories. Experience the feeling of turning into a talented person to manage an entire store. Bring your reputation further so that everyone can know and find you.

At the beginning of the story in the game Potion Punch, players will enjoy a short story. Telling about the unfortunate old dharma while creating a new recipe that turned himself into a dwarf. There is no other way, but the player must help continue his work. From here, you will become a bartender with the guidance of a shaman. Manage the position to serve the guests to the restaurant. Increased income helps you to develop your work.

Potion Punch mod apk apk

Download Potion Punch mod – Managing the barista is full of fun

The simple, gentle gameplay is suitable for everyone when participating in Potion Punch. You need to prepare the type of water that the guest requests or bake the food according to the guest’s request. Manage and create a popular store. Become more famous, bring money and wealth to yourself. Discover new lands like stepping out of many old stories. Become a talented bartender with potential and enthusiasm.

The player must serve every customer who comes to your bar. Here you have the task of satisfying customers who are a bit strange like elves, magicians, knights… Each person will have different needs for drinks and food. You need to complete the requests they give you as quickly as possible. Delays will reveal disappointment on the faces of diners, and they will eventually leave the restaurant. Try to have a few customers leaving as possible. Your finances only increase when you serve the people who come here well. Arrange and prepare drinks with careful cooking trays to bring comfort to everyone.

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Mixing many colors

There will be essential colored red, yellow, blue, white, and black waters in your area. Sometimes, customers want a color that you don’t have, don’t worry. The old magician will teach you to mix colors to create a suitable new color. What you need to do is remember to apply for the next time. Understand color theory, so you don’t have to face too much difficulty. It can be straightforward at first, but you will have to mix to get the right watercolor later. If you make a mistake, pour water into the pot, then continue to mix. Limit dumping to avoid waste.

Potion Punch mod

Amazing adventures

There are more than seven different locations in the world of Potion Punch for you to explore. Open shops in foreign lands. Starting from the village of Starluck with a simple house design to the large, luxurious Emberlion Kingdom. Each area will give you its own experience and new guests from many races such as Elves, Orcs, Goblins… The levels will offer different tasks for you to complete. Going through more levels will help you reach new lands faster. A lot of new things are waiting for you in Potion Punch.

Potion Punch mod apk free

Improve service quality

Don’t forget to decorate your store because this is essential for your business. Add more furniture to attract more customers. Upgrade the necessary items to support you financially, increase the waiting time of people coming to buy. Increase the value and quality of drinks and food. Buy more cups to mix, open more kitchens to cook to achieve more at once. There are many more things for you to take advantage of, making your work a lot easier.

Potion Punch mod apk

Create new achievements

Pay a little attention, and players will see a table of their milestones. A string of about 56 achievements takes time to overcome. Besides, there are rewards every time you complete one of them. Try to achieve many accomplishments, both to evaluate your ability while playing Potion Punch and to have attractive gifts. In addition, there will be small tasks every day completed, and players will receive more gold or gems.

Potion Punch mod mod

There is a lot more than you can see when you start playing Potion Punch mod right now. Explore the vast world, interact with strange people. They all always look forward to the drinks and dishes that you make. Satisfy every customer who comes here. Home decoration is beautiful. Join the Potion Punch mod world now to become a famous mixologist!

Download Potion Punch MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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