Human Evolution Clicker MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.9.32

Updated 02/03/2024 (3 hours ago)
NameHuman Evolution Clicker APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Human Evolution Clicker

Human Evolution Clicker is a game that gives you the opportunity to observe the exciting evolutionary world revolving around all animals. From plants, animals, and humans are a recorded result of evolution. You can even get more perspective by simulating human evolution. Each combination of genetic codes, DNA always leaves the player with a certain individual. The Human Evolution Clicker allows players to widen their eyes when they learn more about each such combination. Of course, this is not entirely logical, it is just an entertaining game. If you love about DNA disturbances then this is a game for you to get a lot of impressive experiences.

Research to develop new varieties that diversify the biological world. Each DNA disturbance can be noted as a positive change. You get your own evolutionary animals you like as well as exclusive genetic code. Positive transformation brings new types of objects with more attractive shapes. It took thousands of years to form the human race. The Human Evolution Clicker will shorten that time for you to imagine the future.

Human Evolution Clicker mod

Download Human Evolution Clicker mod – With creatures evolved

The Human Evolution Clicker contains most of the living things on this planet. From plants, animals, humans, or even robots, they will all undergo a separate evolution. Let’s start with the evolution of plants or bacteria, maybe it makes you feel good. Choose a variety that the player is interested in and add it to their collection. The player has the right to speed up the progress by using crystals. Without limiting anything, the Human Evolution Clicker opens up a path of free growth for all objects. This only stops when the player wants it, or until the Emotional Robots appear.

Human Evolution Clicker mod download

Creature upgrade

As each new instance emerged from a DNA fusion, you can upgrade them to evolve even further. In general, the number will be reduced, but instead new more complete organisms will be born. Players know more about the evolution for all animals under the overview.

Graphics, sound

The advantage of the Human Evolution Clicker is to exploit new gameplay that stimulates everyone’s curiosity. The use of close-up images is also a plus for the publisher. As you can see, the Human Evolution Clicker always has updated versions with interesting new data added. Sound is also an indispensable factor when there are always catchy tunes throughout the game. Everything working together creates fun, entertaining gameplay that also gives you a better understanding of evolution.

Human Evolution Clicker mod apk

The Human Evolution Clicker gives the player a comprehensive change of every creature. After evolving, everything changed like shape and size and of course, it was in a positive direction. Take the time to get your biome collection and grow it the way you want. Download the Human Evolution Clicker mod to open a new evolutionary and DNA fusion game mode.

How to Download & Install Human Evolution Clicker MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android


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