Crowd City MOD APK (Unlimited time) 2.9.12

Updated 30/03/2024 (3 weeks ago)
NameCrowd City APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited time
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play
Crowd City MOD APK detail?
  • V1: MENU MOD
  1. Always Rank 1 (if you dead)
  2. Unlimited Time
  3. Unlocked all skins
  4. Ads Removed
  • V2: Free rewards
  • V3: Unlock all skin

Introduce MOD APK Crowd City

Crowd City MOD APK (Unlimited time) lets you become the leader with the ability to attract the most people to your team. But wait, I don’t mean to create an army to fight or to recruit. In fact, this is a quick entertaining game suitable for busy people. In this city, everyone rushed to make their team with the most number of people. The jogging takes place in every corner, the more the number, the higher the chance of winning. You can see people walking down the street and a large number of other people running wild. As a commander, the player will direct the members to move around in Crowd City.

Voodoo often creates simple entertaining games but is very attractive to many players. Even when I wrote an introduction to Crowd City APK mod there wasn’t a lot of word for it. You just need to run and get people to your team. That is the main gameplay of this game. From a few single people, players easily create a group of people spread from the beginning to the end of the street.

Crowd City mod

MOD version Crowd City

  • Unlocked all Skin.
  • Infinite time.

Each level will have 2 minutes for teams to compete for the champion position. However, time will not decrease when you play on Crowd City MOD version.

Download Crowd City MOD – Crush another team and become the most mob

The top 3 strongest teams will be displayed on the screen. But if you are in a lower position, Crowd City APK 2.9.12 still tells you where it was at that point. Pay attention to the coloured arrows around the screen to keep track of teams with fewer people. When you get closer to a team with fewer numbers, it is easier to increase the number of people on the team instead of approaching a few people on the road. However, be careful if you encounter a crowd, your numbers will drop dramatically. Each level takes place in 2 minutes, you do not have much time but enough to win the crown symbol. The winner will get many stars to own skins and upgrades. Enjoy the feeling of a rush in Crowd City. Players can take the first place but will have to cede the throne to others if they do not continue to increase the number of members.

Skin Change

Choose a colour for the character, a default blue colour from the start for all players. Unlock Skin to change colours for team members. Becoming a standout team in the city not only with the number of members but also unique skins. Crowd City MOD APK does not aim much in terms of items, mainly for fun at simple levels. Just spending 5 minutes, players can complete several levels in Crowd City easily.

Crowd City mod apk

Graphics quality

The image in the game according to the player’s rating is only average. But when there are many members on the team, you will experience lag when running. Make sure that there is sufficient free memory available to handle such situations. The game file size is not too heavy, so it is suitable for most current devices.

Crowd City mod download

In this city, it is not beautified by the setting of the buildings. The colour of each team combined with the fast movement makes Crowd City different. Build the most crowded team with your own manipulation. Download Crowd City MOD let’s start the extremely fun limited run right now.

How to Download & Install Crowd City MOD APK (Unlimited time) for Android


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