Planet Rush MOD APK 1.18.3 (Menu, God mode/High Damage)

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NamePlanet Rush APK
PublisherTap Swap Games
MOD FeaturesMenu, God mode/High Damage
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Planet Rush is opening a recruitment search for new heroes. It’s a shooting game mixed with an unusual RPG and roguelike genre. This shooting war takes place in outer space and on different planets. In the vast galaxy, there are always hidden mysteries that humankind has not discovered. Aliens are intent on taking over the earth as a colony. Become a space hero with a heavy-duty to protect the planet from monsters. Are you mentally ready to join this battle? The survival of the small people is waiting for your hand.

The universe is experiencing peaceful and gloomy days. The leak of black energy makes genetically modified creatures evil. Not only do they do harm to their planet, but these animals also extend their claws to neighboring planets. Threaten the existence of plants and animals and especially humanity on these planets. Your noble mission is to protect the survival of life on these planets. Join the fight with teammates to increase destructive power and keep yourself healthy. Hold a gun and fight smartly to bring peaceful life to people.

Planet Rush apk

Download Planet Rush mod – become a space warrior to participate in the war to protect the planet

Outer space always has new elements to exploit. Each planet has different roles and obligations. Try putting yourself in a situation where one of the planets is destroyed? Aliens are always waiting for the opportunity to destroy humanity. Do you dare to embark on an expedition to discover the mysteries here? Humans are superior to creatures in that they have the courage to confidently face the dangers ahead. Use all the skills learned in practice right now. The planets in peril are waiting for good news from you. Join the other cosmic warriors to receive the aura power and shine the indomitable spirit.

Planet Rush android

Various game modes

Like other shooting games, Planet Rush offers diverse modes with player styles. Each method takes place on a new planet. And of course, the quest request in each place will surprise you. Because each planet has different gravity, topography, and pressure. Therefore, the creatures on these terrains are also other and have strange moves. Gather four or five rows of obstacles such as spiders, thorns, … Or just the appearance of a giant alien youkai. Quickly attack and avoid the counterattack of these animals. Then step through the cosmic black hole, and you have finished the mission.

Planet Rush apk free

Applying shooting skills

Planet Rush is the first choice for fans of the shooting-action game genre. You control your gunner to aim at the enemy. Accurate aiming helps you gain energy and wealth. In addition to hitting the target, Planet Rush requires you to have high speed and continuity. Because you will probably encounter a dense army of creatures that attack you in unison, if you are slow, you may be buried under their claws. The quick speed also makes it easy to dodge the sparks from the enemy. Joining with a few warriors also increases the probability of victory. Change their position dynamically during the battle.

Planet Rush mod apk

Upgrade your warrior

Characters in the form of fancy cartoon robots. However, it does not bring a cute feeling like games with small chibi shapes. Planet Rush focuses on participants’ fighting and shooting skills. There’s also an immersive and immersive audio experience. Your interface will be covered in full screen with striking colors. Weapons such as guns, armor, and helmets after upgrading, bring new value. Upgrades increase the value of appearance, combat stats and prestige for players. When the man is charged to the maximum, the player can unlock more new skills. Make the most of their abilities.

Planet Rush mod

Survive in space with unstoppable robots. The Milky Way opens its arms to welcome new heroic warriors. Life here will be outstandingly maintained and regenerated. We will no longer be small objects compared to the planets out there. You and your teammates have played an important role in the existence of this universe. Are you ready to protect the permanence of the vast galaxy? Join Planet Rush mod now and take action against evil mutant aliens.

Download Planet Rush MOD APK (Menu, God mode/High Damage) for Android

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