Battlefield Royale – The One MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited ammo, no reload) 0.4.17

Updated 05/12/2021 (2 years ago)
NameBattlefield Royale – The One APK
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited ammo, no reload
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Battlefield Royale – The One

The strongest is always shown in the position and process of achieving the ultimate goal. You can also become the strongest if you participate in Battlefield Royale – The One. A place that will challenge all your fighting and survival skills. Confront hundreds of influential enemies with highly high personal skills. Use everything you get to your advantage. If you are confident, you will reach the final victory.

Maybe you are too familiar with the battle royale genre that appears on mobile, like PUBG mobile or Free Fire. But you will feel a little bit different with Battlefield Royale – The One. This game gives players a top-down perspective, which is different from the outlook provided in popular games. Fast, simple, and easy to grasp is what you can feel in this game. Can it compete with the current super products on the market?

Battlefield Royale The One mod

Download Battlefield Royale – The One mod – Survive to become greater

First, to get used to the fighting style, you must know the rules of the game. A total of sixty people will be put in the same waiting room by the system. Next is to choose the character and weapon that we will use in the fight. After the number of players is enough, all will be taken to the battle site by plane. On the plane, you can choose the location to parachute and land on the ground as you like. Next, you will have to move and collect all the items everywhere. Be careful because other players can appear at any time and destroy you. The last survivor will be honored and receive a reward.

Battlefield Royale The One mod free

Unique Heroes

Your representatives will be heroes with a lot of extraordinary abilities. You will see that each of them has its unique base stats. These stats will include movement speed, gun damage, and, most importantly, HP. Some people have a particular stat that surpasses or balances them all. These abilities will be brought into play under certain circumstances. Create gameplay like ambushing enemies or attacking in a frenzy. Using any strategy is fine as long as it works for you. The strength of the heroes is the strength you have.

Weapon Selection

Weapons in Battlefield Royale – The One mod will be divided into five different types. These types will be SMG, Assault Rifle, Sniper, Shotgun, and Pistol, respectively, for you to choose from. You will have to try them all to find the weapon you love. However, you won’t have to use boring fixed guns. New types can be hunted in rewards or treasures or the shop. The firearms with a higher rarity don’t give you more damage. But it will provide you with a few more unique abilities. Gives you a slight edge over your opponent.

Battlefield Royale The One mod apk

Equipment search

To get the best for yourself, you try to find as many as possible. Not only collecting things around but also destroying opponents. When the opponent’s HP bar is exhausted, they will become sheep that can only run. You can finish these sheep to get all the gear the player has. It could be guns, armor, or accessories like first aid kits or bullets. You can use grenades to deal long-range damage to enemies. It was easy to put them at a disadvantage or even eradicate them. Master the dangerous battlefield skillfully and efficiently.

Battlefield Royale The One mod android

Many interesting game modes

The game modes that Battlefield Royale – The One brings are incredibly diverse for you. The first is the regular mode that you regularly participate in. Next is the Monster battle royale mode with monsters around. You will have to kill them to level up and get better weapons constantly. The third is a single weapon mode, where you and all other players can only use one weapon. Finally, there is a random mode with randomly assigned characters, weapons, and equipment. Each method has particularly fun, and it will bring your abilities to the limit.

Step into the battlefield of Battlefield Royale – The One mod and test your strength. You will find joy and excitement in participating in all these great wars.

How to Download & Install Battlefield Royale – The One MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited ammo, no reload) for Android


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