Survivalist: invasion MOD APK 0.0.616 (Menu/Unlimited money, immortal)

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NameSurvivalist: invasion APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited money, immortal
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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MOD Infomation

Survivalist mod version: invasion

  • Unlimited money, medicine.
  • Health, hunger, and thirst did not decrease.

A genre of action game? Attractive? Interesting? Are you looking for it? Survivalist: invasion is a great choice for you. This is a game about a legendary hero. Fight and find out the secret of the island lost from the ocean and save the earth. Join the battle to destroy the zombies and scary mutants. Play with a hero named U.N.Known – an agent and prevent the impending global disaster. You are ready to protect the peace of humanity with U.N.Known. And become a legendary hero yet? Quickly download Survivalist: invasion and save the earth.

Survivalist: invasion is a game based on classic, long-standing survival game mechanics. Must say, this is a game worth for everyone to download and experience it. Play as a hero and save the world. Fight with zombies and mutant bosses with super powers. Your life and the world depend on you. Are you ready to join this fierce battle and protect the peace of all mankind? Although it is very difficult please rest assured because you are not alone. You also have a companion, an agent, a partner, a former U.N.Known commando.

Survivalist invasion mod apk

Download Survivalist: invasion mod – The battle is not over

Participate in a brutal battle. With mutant, zombie, and mutant enemies. And your weapon is by yourself finding, building weapons, building solid and solid bases. This is really a dramatic action game and attracts players. Fight with weird zombies, along with mutants with superpowers. So players also need to be very careful to destroy them. the whole world is counting on you. Are you ready? Feel free to play and feel, let us know about your wonderful experience!

Survivalist invasion mod

The story of the battle

The game is about a battle on a lost island on a mysterious ocean. You will join the hero U.N.Known to prevent the enemy from destroying the planet. Rescue the whole of humanity from this onslaught. The hero U.N.Known wouldn’t be able to win this war without your support. You will be the one with U.N.Known looking for secrets about the island. At the same time crafting weapons and killing all enemies. Preventing them from ruining the peace of the earth. A mysterious group is secretly organizing terrorist activities and conducting experiments that threaten to change the entire history of humanity.

Survivalist invasion mod free

Attractive, suspenseful gameplay

This is an action game genre with extremely attractive and attractive gameplay. To get weapons to fight, you will have to find and craft them. Role-playing as a companion with the hero U.N.Known, you will be joining him in the fight. U.N.Known will give you advice and suggestions, listen to him but decide according to your own wishes. On this journey, you will meet unique characters and you are the one to complete their missions. Take part in a confrontation with powerful factions. Get ready for a dangerous journey, with terrifying discoveries.

Survivalist invasion apk free

Mysterious island

Survivalist: invasion players will be joining the fight on an island. Lost mysteriously in an immense ocean. Your mission and U.N.Known is to find out about the disappearance of the island. Find out the answer to, why this island could go missing. Prevent an impending global catastrophe. On this island, there will be mysterious groups. And there is an extremely high possibility that this is the organization that caused the island’s mysterious disappearance. They may be planning a global terrorist and change of history. Let’s protect the world with U.N.Known and become a great hero.

Survivalist invasion apk

Come on, hurry and download Survivalist: invasion. Role play and help U.N.Known, together with defending the planet against the destructive power of a mysterious group. Make history and become a great proud hero. Destroy all enemies, zombies, or mutant bosses with super powers. Show your strength and unity. Fight for peace and life for the earth. This is really cool and interesting. If you still hesitate or ignore it, it is an unfortunate thing for you. Because missing out on an excellent game like this. So, immediately experience Survivalist: invasion so you don’t have to regret skipping this game.

Download Survivalist: invasion MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money, immortal) for Android

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