Only Survivor MOD APK 1.0.2 (Menu, Free shopping)

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NameOnly Survivor APK
PublisherCobby Labs
MOD FeaturesMenu, Free shopping
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Only Survivor is an action role-playing game fighting a mighty army of monsters. Become a super ninja standing among an army of different monsters. These beasts emerge from the ground after encountering hurricanes that change the Earth’s orbit. The existence of only you remains. Apply all the ninjutsu and skills accumulated after many years of studying ninjas. Monsters in the form of aliens with green bodies. Or those wearing pumpkin masks with sharp teeth. They carry scythes with fierce killing intent surrounding the player.

After selecting the appropriate weapon in the inventory, the player is taken to an area covered with monsters. What to do now is to move the character. Only Survivor provides an automatic slashing system for players. That is, when the player moves anywhere, their weapon swings down there. Based on the current terrain situation, put your ninja warrior in the appropriate position. Choose places where monsters are less concentrated and gradually pick when they are scattered and slash at them. Even the player’s bow weapon can apply this approach. If you jump into the most crowded place of monsters, you can be attacked at the late time of the kill or not in time.

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Download Only Survivor mod – Transform into a super ninja fighting alone with mutant monsters

Battle locations spread across the earth’s territory, from deep places to easy battle places. The hot desert with cactus stumps withstood the harshness. Along with undulating cliffs as obstacles before the enemy. The forests were shrouded in silence with ghastly roars. Abandoned houses with countless sets of rudimentary dew. The vast beaches with long stretches of sand are engulfed in mourning and death. There are countless places waiting for players to explore and adventure. Buy a variety of weapons to diversify the style of the player’s fighting style through each level.

Only Survivor mod

Equipment and clothes

Enter Only Survivor’s equipment store, which contains a variety of equipment and clothing specially made for ninjas. Players can change six equipment on the character. Includes weapons, clothing, belts, necklaces, shoes, and gloves. Weapons have many different types, such as pistols, double-barreled guns, bows and arrows, carving knives, etc. Necklaces include a chain of three mammoth bones or a chain of two tiger fangs;… Gloves and shoes are often in sync with each other in terms of material and style. Belts are nothing special when they are just different color versions of the same type. And the ninja clothes covered his face, leaving only his cold eyes that exuded ferocity.

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As a super ninja, mastery of ninjutsu is an indispensable element. Ninjutsu in Only Survivor belongs to 4 different systems: fire, earth, wind, and wood. Each energy system contains powerful manipulations in many respects. The fire system has a rain of fireballs, a fire vortex with an orange vortex,…Earth with a hailstorm or a nature fist with a falling brown fist. Referring to the water system, it is impossible not to mention the divine dragon vortex wherever you go to wipe out the monsters. Or the double tornado ring with strong blue-white winds. Wood system with branches wrapped around the legs of monsters. Hold them to win time for the player to hand down.

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Nature’s power

In order to have a fighting power with a huge number of monsters, ninjas need to regularly carry healing foods. Simple dishes such as chicken thighs, pork thighs are quite familiar and restore a small amount of HP. Having energy pills and healing potions is something to be concerned about. The red pill is shaped like a yellow lightning bolt and surrounded by electric rays. Or the healing potion contains a green liquid. Outside it also has green rays surrounding it, representing the powerful energy it contains. Always carry them in the cylindrical case strapped on the back. As soon as you feel almost out of blood, use it immediately.

Only Survivor apk

In addition to using gold coins and gems to buy those items. Use them to buy gift chests. Depending on your luck, you can unlock rare elements to enhance weapons or equipment. If not, also actively upgrade the equipment to increase the player’s combat ability. The game screen will naturally increase in difficulty. Those proportional to it are the reward values ​​inside the dropped gift boxes. When a certain amount of experience is reached, the equipped weapon automatically advances to the next level. Download Only Survivor mod to become a super ninja fighting against hordes of mutant monsters.

Download Only Survivor MOD APK (Menu, Free shopping) for Android

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