PKXD Runner MOD APK (Menu, God mode) 0.3.4

Updated 19/10/2023 (8 months ago)
NamePKXD Runner APK
PublisherAfterverse Games
MOD FeaturesMenu, God mode
SupportAndroid 5.1 +
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Introduce MOD APK PKXD Runner

Running away is the only thing that can be done in PKXD Runner. Race across the universe with the mysterious person always chasing and playing with the target. Nothing is more important than life here. On the way to escape will have to go through countless obstacles that stand in the way. Beat them one by one and reap the profits along the way. The empty scene creates a feeling of suspense and suspense in every moment. The pursuer always knows how to keep his distance to tease the victim and add drama to the race. Getting rid of him is very difficult but nothing is impossible.

Essential visibility and close details for all types of users. Endless space, infinite time to comfortably become one with the character. The items were scattered throughout the long road. Few are helpful and most are obstacles, distinguish and optimize escape speed. The longer you survive, the more impressive the score, and the large number of gold coins everywhere will never run out, so collect a lot. The fascinating tunnels and working old vehicles temporarily distract the pursuer, but the quality of these places is terrible so don’t get stuck in them forever.

PKXD Runner mod min

Download PKXD Runner mod apk – Escape from destruction

An object of unknown destruction in outer space has entered the Earth. That terrible cosmic energy swallowed up anyone who dared to confront it. Aware of the impossibility of protesting, the Admin chose to run away. There aren’t any teammates to accompany you throughout the journey. There were only trains, and vehicles that fled in vain from the apocalypse. Avoid those things, traffic rules no longer matter when death is near, so avoid letting crazy drivers take them all to the grave. Pick up the magnets to attract profits from all directions, the pentagram to increase the running score exponentially.

PKXD Runner free min

Roads to escape death

Empty highways and strewn beaches are playgrounds. Jump over small obstacles or slide over tremendous obstacles. The international banks have been destroyed so there will be a lot of money everywhere. Collect as much as possible to change your appearance, and upgrade your escape ability. Bargains like rocket bags, and jumps send you into the air temporarily out of the pursuit. Super shoes help jump higher, and attract coins in a straight line. When entering the tunnel, gold diggers are moving on the tracks. Here the monsters will temporarily disappear but watch out for being trapped by the collision.

PKXD Runner mod apk min

Strange stalker

Origins from the cold outer universe endow him with invincible power, his name is Glitch. Not a single army on Earth survived against him. The most powerful countries have fallen, and the global crisis has caused people to panic and flee. However, most were devoured by the hunter, leaving only a few survivors. He is desperate to capture the Admin, who has a strange attraction to it. For the chase not to be boring, this monster will adjust the speed according to the player. There is a gap between the characters but when tripping Glitch will shorten the distance as a reminder to run now if you want to survive.

PKXD Runner mod free min

The Wise Escape

Admin is what people call him, Admin’s only task is to run away from villains who want to toy with him. For his safety, it seemed that his escape route was endless. One must escape from Glitch, and the security in the mines of death also threatens the character’s life. At high altitudes, the hunter cannot fly as high as rocket bags, but he will follow you when landing regardless of whether it is high or on the ground. The longer the hiding time, the speed up the chase. At that time, the stumbles that seem to be just warnings can end the race immediately.

PKXD Runner mod apk free min

Smart armors

The game of chase extends from the highway to the sunny beaches showing the endless distance. With the expected endurance of humanity this could be said to be a daydream. Thus, the main character was initially dressed in a special suit to aid in escaping. The higher the level, the more colorful and diverse the armor is. At the end of a chase the rewards include run points, time and earnings. High scores over other players will unlock much special armor. Escape from the intense pursuit of aliens at PKXD Runner mod apk.

How to Download & Install PKXD Runner MOD APK (Menu, God mode) for Android


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