Drawmaster MOD APK 1.12.7 (Unlimited money)

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NameDrawmaster APK
PublisherPlaygendary Limited
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money [More]
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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In the current game market, Drawmaster is an attractive game in the game genre combining archery and puzzle. Being stored on the Android operating system, the game is released by Playgendary Limited. This game owns 2D graphics along with pretty character art, suitable for the game. So has attracted millions of gamers around the world. Currently, Drawmaster is one of the best-selling archery and puzzle games of all time. Drawmaster has received very high ratings from gamers. If you are a loyal fan of archery and puzzle. Then Drawmaster is a very great choice that you should not ignore.

Join the game Drawmaster, you will experience many interesting levels with arrow shots and cool puzzles. Drawmaster is a unique thinking strategy game. The Drawmaster has added many new features since the very first release. With new and attractive gameplay, Drawmaster has attracted more than 10 million visitors from all over the world. Now download Drawmaster and try it out. If you love archery games and puzzles, don’t hesitate. And now, let’s find out what’s interesting about today’s game.


Drawmaster mod version

  • Unlimited money.

You can shop even if you don’t have enough money.

Download Drawmaster mod – entertaining archery game interesting

This is really a great game, it helps players increase their thinking ability and cultivate creativity. Drawmaster is a super entertaining game for players. With a large number of users in the world. Try to draw the perfect trajectory and shoot. In particular, find yourself the best name to solve puzzles in this archery game. Don’t let a collision happen and try to get the arrow to hit the target.

Drawmaster mod

The gameplay of the game

Basically, at each level, there will be different goals. When you shoot archery at your targets, you will have to remove obstacles with whatever weapon you have. However, you need to think before drawing to be able to overcome difficult levels. Of course, in each different weapon, there will be different drawing styles. So remember to pay attention and use the appropriate drawing for each different arrow. Drawmaster includes a variety of weapons that you can use such as darts, knives, bows,… When you use different weapons that will simultaneously test your level.

Drawmaster free

Diverse and rich characters

Characters in the game are very diverse, the player can change the appearance of the character. The condition to change the main character is to pass the specified level. As for villains, they will change according to different levels. And at different levels, the number of enemies will also be different. Enemies will stand in different positions, standing in difficult to hit shapes. Choose your hand slowly and draw well to kill everyone. Use the right weapon to kill the enemy more easily.

Drawmaster download

Draw direction for the arrow

With Drawmaster, you just need to use your mind and draw the arrow to fly where you want. And it is not necessary to draw the arrow to hit the enemy. You can shoot elsewhere, as long as you kill the villains. How each line is shaped is adjusted by you. However, try to draw the shortest shot path possible to level up as quickly as possible. Using oil barrels or heavy objects to crush enemies is also a pretty great idea.

Good rewards

Every time you destroy an enemy, you will get a small reward. And at a certain level, you will receive a bonus arrow shot. The more hatches and bags you can shoot, the bigger your reward will be. In addition, you can also get rewarded through shooting targets. Each time the name flies to win gold, it will be added to your total amount. Gold and diamonds received, the player can use it for any purpose. For example, changing weapons or character appearance.

Although Drawmaster has just been released recently, it has caused fever among gamers around the world thanks to its interesting and unique gameplay. If you love archery and practice thinking, try to conquer the Drawmaster levels to see how long it will take to complete. Drawmaster is a really cool game and is worth playing. Because the game has pretty attractive gameplay and has a combination of many factors such as archery and thinking. To experience the game perfectly, please download and play. It will not disappoint you if you download it. Chances are you will be “addicted” to this game there.

Download Drawmaster MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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