Goat Simulator GoatZ APK 2.0.4

Updated 26/10/2023 (4 months ago)
NameGoat Simulator GoatZ APK
PublisherCoffee Stain Publishing
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SupportAndroid 4.0.3+
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Introduce MOD APK Goat Simulator GoatZ

For everyone, the goat is an extremely gentle animal, sometimes a bit aggressive. But for goats in Goat Simulator GoatZ is an unstoppable case. What do you think when a goat with human-like abilities destroys a city? Surely everything will be messed up and out of control immensely. What’s even more exciting is that this goat will let you control it yourself. Let’s start creating a mess in the city now.

No one had ever had the idea of ​​bringing goats into a simulation game. But game maker Coffee Stain Publishing has a bold direction to create Goat Simulator GoatZ. A goat simulator gives you full control of it doing its favorite things in the city. This is completely unprecedented because it doesn’t simulate what you want. You can bring your goat in and destroy the zombies that are wandering the streets. Equipping goats with dangerous weapons or something silly.

Goat Simulator GoatZ mod download

Download Goat Simulator GoatZ – Destroy the city with your goat

In this version of Goat Simulator GoatZ, the city will no longer be human, but zombies instead. Your goat will be alone against those unconscious people. You will be controlling the goat to go into the city and destroy the zombies on the road. Weapons will drop in this city, pick it up and see what its effect is. Use weapons to attack the undead, causing them to break their bones. Do what makes you most happy with your goat. There are no laws that apply to your goat. Like a god in his house. Nothing can stop you from turning this place into a mess.

Goats can also do extraordinary things that you never expected. Every time it is hit hard, the goat will be stunned and frozen for a moment like death. But after a while, it will expire again and you can bounce as usual. Listening to this you will feel that it is more like a zombie than an animal. How could a goat do such horrible things?

Goat Simulator GoatZ mod apk free

Dozens of weapons to equip

What do you think if you equip goats with military weapons? It’s definitely going to be awesome to see. Weapons are scattered all over the city and you have to find it. These may appear randomly along the way, pick it up when you see it. Extremely monstrous things like surprise gift boxes or poop bags can also attack. Find and equip yourself with something and start the attacks. The zombies can’t do anything to you. You cannot die, weapons are effective tools of destruction to turn this world to ashes. Nothing can save a goat more dangerous than a pandemic.

Goat Simulator GoatZ mod apk

Eat to survive

This is another mode located in Goat Simulator GoatZ for you to change. Here, the goats have to eat once every specified period of time. This feeding helps it sustain life and continue its journey. If you do not feed the goat within the allotted time, it will die, you lose. Don’t let that unfortunate thing happen to your creation, not good at all. Those who make their goats immortal will unleash their full potential. Try playing now, you may be more addicted to this mode than usual.

Goat Simulator GoatZ mod free

The city is huge

The city of Goat Simulator GoatZ is extremely large and full of interesting things. You can control the goat to run from one neighborhood to another. Don’t worry about the map limit like many other games. Full of cool places for you to run to and have fun. Each location will be something mysterious that needs to be discovered. A Halloween of zombies with colorful costumes. The haunted house is located in a desolate place where no one dares to set foot. Explore all of these cities to see the best of them.

Goat Simulator GoatZ mod android

With this goat, nothing is impossible for him. You can unlock several different hidden functions of the goat. Such as hovering in the air for a while, hanging from towering places or wreaking havoc all around. This goat is like the embodiment of the devil, it is impossible to control it. You are the controller of this goat, using it to vent unjustified anger on others. Goat Simulator GoatZ mod is an effective solution for those who like vandalism. Ruining things in real life can’t be done by using goats in the city. You will gradually realize how much more interesting this life will be with illogical and unusual things.

How to Download & Install Goat Simulator GoatZ APK for Android


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