Into the Dead MOD APK (Unlimited money) 2.7

Updated on 24/11/2022 (2 months ago)
NameInto the Dead APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Into the Dead allows you to face a lot of monsters in a location similar to a field or a forest. They have the form of half-human and half-demon and are very hungry for humans. You appear here and are alone, with no teammates or anyone. Continuously running, finding a way to escape is your main task. When I first played, I tried to get close to the corpses and then they were crushed like a piece of cake, it was really a crazy decision. Into the Dead has a weapon for the player, but you shouldn’t rely on it too much. The guns only assist in resolving when the monster is too close to you that can no longer be avoided.

It can be said that Into the Dead is a true escape. Monsters are everywhere, they are really crowded if only thanks to the gun with a few bullets you cannot survive here. Pay attention ahead and find a space between the moving monsters. That hole keeps you going, monsters near you will find a way to make you fall. They often swing their arms, pay attention to avoid injury. Not being able to stay for another minute at this place, it’s time to move.

Into the Dead mod

Download Into the Dead MOD – Run away when surrounded by monsters

Even though monsters are always enemies to you, we cannot destroy them. Into the Dead is not a battle with weapons, players have to find a way to escape so that they can catch you. It is different from the Zombie Hunter Sniper, or Last Hope Sniper because there you are the master. In this fight, you must admit that you are completely passive. What players can do is run and find relief boxes to get weapons or grenades. When there are so many corpses around, the best way to free the body is through weapons. Don’t waste a single bullet, it may stop your task from being fulfilled.

Do your job

Into the Dead is not an endless running game, you have missions to complete and unlock the next level. Before entering each level, please note 3 requirements and do it. It’s always advantageous to flee the furthest distance, but you’ll only play in one place if you can’t unlock the next one. But if there is a lot of money, the player can ignore those requirements easily. The game becomes simpler if you are rich.

Into the Dead mod apk

Choose your privilege

The choice of a weapon, or a companion dog, is considered a privilege. Use the money you have in exchange for that if you want to go further in this game. Head Start can help you run up to 1500m without being intimidated by fast monsters. That is a number, if you get it yourself, is quite difficult. As for weapons, if you can also avoid monsters, you should not go crazy by attacking them. Keep moving forward until you see them outnumber you and you will realize that the ammunition is not really enough.

Shops and items

Often when entering the store, we will choose a variety of items that equip ourselves with many weapons. But most of the items on Into the Dead are sold for cash, with payment via Google Play. There are many attractive weapons like Hand cat heat, Little friend, Rosebud but unfortunately, you cannot buy them with money when completing the quest. But the game lets you change the monster’s appearance beyond the original default style. It’s strange that they are enemies but still look like an upgraded item here. American football, World War II, are some of the remaining options. When changing outfits they look like teammates but don’t be fooled by their looks.

Into the Dead mod download

Helpless against increasingly crowded monsters, you cannot do anything when you are alone. Into the Dead challenges players in the context of the last days of the human race. How long will you survive if you face such a large number of monsters? Download Into the Dead MOD APK let me know the answer and share your gameplay.

Download Into the Dead MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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