Pixel Worlds: MMO Sandbox MOD APK (Menu, God mode/MEGAMOD) 1.7.60

Updated on 30/03/2023 (8 hours ago)
NamePixel Worlds: MMO Sandbox APK
PublisherKukouri Mobile Entertainment
MOD FeaturesMenu, God mode/MEGAMOD
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
Pixel Worlds: MMO Sandbox MOD APK Infomation

Mod Menu:

  • MAIN
    • Disable Name Spoofer
    • God Mod “Anti-Cheat Sometime Can Kill You”
    • Anti-Swim
    • Anti-Bounce
    • Anti-Wind
    • Anti-Pinball
    • Anti-Elastic
    • Anti-Elevator
    • Anti-Trampoline
    • Anti-Deflector
    • Set Run Speed x0 – x5 “High Speed Will Kick You”
    • Set Fist Speed x0 – x3 “High Speed Will Kick You”
    • Set Jump Mode
    • Set Gravity
    • Set Player Status “Admin Panel Banable”
    • Semi Auto-Fish
    • Normal Fish Hack
    • Set Background
    • Set Weather
    • Set Lighting
    • Edit World
    • Light Always On
    • Fog Always Off
    • Trap Always Off
  • MISC
    • Anti-AFK Kick
    • Set Floating Size x1 – x5
    • Always Swim
    • Anti-Pick
    • Anti-Checkpoint
    • Anti-Portal
    • Anti-Word Censor
    • Place Seed In Air
    • Unlock Recipe
    • Unlock Tutorial Movement

Pixel Worlds: MMO Sandbox will let you explore the unique blocky world. Do whatever activity you enjoy. Meet many people and go on adventures together. There’s no activity you can’t do at Pixel Worlds: MMO Sandbox. Despite bringing pixel graphics and simple 2D images, this game makes this game more popular with people. Did you know that this online game is completely free for you to download and play with your friends? It’s a great opportunity because it’s a fascinating game. It’s hard to take your eyes off your smartphone once you’ve entered the world in Pixel Worlds: MMO Sandbox.

The simple design of Pixel Worlds: MMO Sandbox does not make the gameplay boring. On the contrary, it is even more attractive thanks to the variety of colors. Many activities can be done in the game. You can be anyone, from an ordinary visitor, a warrior with a mission to save the world, a gold digger who wants to get his hands on precious treasure. The game will give you as many jobs as possible to diversify your roles. You don’t need to know where to start. That is entirely up to you to decide.

Pixel Worlds MMO Sandbox mod

Download Pixel Worlds: MMO Sandbox mod – Magical and creative square world

When you start creating a new world, you will be alone and do not have anything yet. This is the beginning of everything. How are we going to build what we want? Very simply, it is working and exploring everything around. Notice a big tree? Chop it up, and you will get wood. Having obtained wood will be more advanced things such as axes, swords… It all starts with human creativity. Search for a variety of materials to create a variety of modern items. Then begins the adventure to many places. Meet many people who will become your good companions.

Pixel Worlds MMO Sandbox mod apk

Basic character customization

When entering the game, the character you choose can be very random or designed by yourself. Before creating the world, you will be able to select your character. It can be male, female, or gender-specific. Maybe not the human race but the aliens… No matter who they are, they have the right to participate in this lively blocky world. The journey in Pixel Worlds: MMO Sandbox will be arduous. You can’t go everywhere with your basic outfit. Search everywhere or create your unique costumes. They have the right stats to help you fight or defend very effectively.

Pixel Worlds MMO Sandbox mod apk free

Do a variety of activities

Because it is based on the player’s imagination, anything you can do in Pixel Worlds: MMO Sandbox. If you are a person who loves adventure, underground dungeons will be the ideal place for you. You can get a lot of precious gems and expensive ores. But also be careful because monsters will be everywhere down there. If you want to enjoy a peaceful life, make a hoe and start farming. Create loose soil and go for seeds. Manage the farm to get food and start a business. You will make a lot of money selling your best agricultural products.

Pixel Worlds MMO Sandbox mod free

Simple transaction

What do you do when you have too many unused items and resources? Throw them away? That’s wasteful. Instead, please bring them to the market to sell to many other players. The price will be calculated according to the rarity and the need for each player. Of course, you also decide to make a profit for yourself. Earn more money and gems to buy and craft more valuable items. The most exciting items are furniture, equipment, materials, tools…

Fun interactions with others

Other players are also an indispensable part of creating excitement in the game. You can make friends with them and invite them to join you in your daily activities. If you are a warrior, you need a follower. It would be great if your farm had more people to care for and harvest. They can also be business partners for the quality items you already sell. The relationship between the players is up to you. Let’s create a beautiful friendship and enjoy the game in the most fun way.

Pixel Worlds MMO Sandbox free

Indeed Pixel Worlds: MMO Sandbox has been meticulously designed to let players enjoy whatever they want. You want to go on an adventurous journey to become rich or enjoy the comfort next to your beloved home. Sometimes invite friends to join the world to make many exciting plans. Pixel Worlds: MMO Sandbox mod is suitable for playing alone and engaging even with a group of close friends.

Download Pixel Worlds: MMO Sandbox MOD APK (Menu, God mode/MEGAMOD) for Android

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Pleas update to 1.7.40

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Please update pixel world 🙏🙏

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Update to 1.7.30 pls

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Hack to my harrybrother

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