Station 117 MOD APK 1.0.1 (Unlocked)

Updated on 12/01/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameStation 117 APK
PublisherGlitch Games
MOD FeaturesUnlocked
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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A puzzle adventure game based on an interesting story called Station 117. Play as a talented adventurer who explores a mysterious place at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. There are a lot of puzzles appearing during this time, and players need to solve them. Here is a top secret research facility, what the researchers do here is completely undisclosed. Until one day, all the researchers suddenly disappeared without a trace. Billionaire genius, playboy and amateur marine biologist named Franklin Gates. He could not believe this nonsense, so he set out to find the real monk. You will play this billionaire.

The opening has white lines appearing on a gloomy black background that briefly outlines the beginning of the story. Then your journey with countless puzzles officially begins. The puzzle pieces slowly appear in each hidden corner. Memorize hints, places, and relevant evidence. This is the place to help players satisfy their reasoning and puzzle skills. Unleash is an adventure that is both tense and mysterious and attracts players. The simulated objects and landscapes are quite similar to reality. Everything appears in front of the player’s eyes. Just gather all the evidence and then piece together a perfect version.

Station 117 mod

Download Station 117 mod – Discover the mysterious and interesting story under the Pacific Ocean as Frankiln Gates

To quickly get used to the game is not difficult. With simple operation, just touch the screen to explore each area. On the screen, there are four main actions that complement your adventure including magnifying glass, notebook, camera and suitcase. The magnifying glass in the upper right corner is used to magnify the details. The camera in the bottom right corner is used to capture the evidence you want. The notebook above operates a magnifying glass to store your photos and record information. As for the objects and evidence that the player wants to bring, they can put them in the suitcase in the left corner. Just collect evidence and save it for synthesis when needed.

Station 117 mod apk

Unlock puzzles

Each puzzle is divided into a separate chapter. Only when you have completed and solved the puzzle ahead. Only then will the player have access to the next puzzle. Important clues are nested and hidden in special locations. String the whole thing, and you can uncover a certain mystery. There are countless mysteries hidden at the bottom of the sea, discovering maybe you can change the world. There are mysterious areas appearing inside this research area. Mysterious tunnels, an old warehouse, containing a series of mysterious documents. In each place, you can find a series of unique details such as phones, passwords, televisions, and documents, …

Station 117 apk


Already a puzzle game, of course, there will be a support hint system. When encountering too difficult questions, players look for the solution many times but can’t find it. The game’s hint system can be used to assist with this process. However, these suggestions are limited and not free. So players should not depend on it, but still, have to make use of their minds. The game has built-in the ability to save progress so that the player does not have to repeat the operation while solving a problem. There are nine storage points in suitable locations for players to claim. If you stop, you can start continuing in the same area.

Station 117 apk free

Horror scene

The game is designed in 2D in a classic style with meticulous designs and harmonious colours. Dark brown and moss tones bring out the singularity when combined with spooky sounds. It is this combination that has brought a creepy atmosphere to the game. Objects are arranged in a tight and logical way. Just stepping into this ship’s compartment, players can also feel the long-standing abandonment of these rooms. The paint layers have all been peeled off, the wires are broken, the doors are skewed;… Looking through the cabin, you can see the fish swimming around.

Station 117 android

An exciting adventure of discovery is waiting for you to discover. Guarantee Station 117 will not let players feel disappointed. But what can players do to overcome the mysterious puzzles? It all depends on the ability to be observant, along with sharp reasoning. Take the time to explore every nook and cranny of the research site. Just passing a puzzle makes players feel excited and attracted. Download Station 117 mod to explore the mysterious story below the research room at the bottom of the ocean.

Download Station 117 MOD APK (Unlocked) for Android

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