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Updated 05/09/2023 (8 months ago)
NameFairytale.io APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/God/Damage Multiplier
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Fairytale.io

Fairytale.io MOD APK is where you will fight complex challenges in the fairy world. You will enter a world of wonders and begin your journey of discovery. However, this place will not only have things in fairy tales but will also include dangers. That’s a lot of monsters that burst out from the dungeon gates and will hinder your journey. So you will experience the craziest journey of discovery that you have been on. And you will also present yourself as someone who can endure any combat challenge. Enter the world of fairy tales and build your adventure story.

Alice is a cute girl who accidentally entered the world of dreams. This was an accident, but in her eyes, the world was filled with mysteries to discover. So you will join Alice on an adventure journey through different lands. You will meet exciting new friends and fight with them on this journey. Those were challenging quests where monsters from the dungeon appeared and attacked. And you will experience fairy tales after conquering the wars. Start the journey to experience exciting things when accompanying Alice in the dream world.

Fairytale.io mod

Download Fairytale.io MOD APK – Fight and explore fairy tales

You will be the controller of different characters in your journey of discovery. And where the journey takes place in a classic world with different stories. They all have fairy elements and are the dream places of those who love to explore. So you will set foot in this vast world and go on a secret quest. All are hidden in the story after the fight, and you must persevere. Then you can explore fairy tales with funny characters. Accompany the playful Alice into the dream world and uncover its secrets.

Fairytale.io free

Control the characters

Your goal is to successfully explore the world of dreams after the end of the battle. Those are the battles before the dungeon gates you must conquer to discover. So you control the character you accompany and use the attack to destroy the enemy. You can slide the screen in different directions and help the fairy characters move along. They will automatically fire attacks that destroy the enemy and help you continue your journey. However, the enemy will also shoot counterattacks, and you must control the character to dodge. Explore exciting levels while controlling fairy characters in Fairytale.io MOD APK.

Fairytale.io apk

Upgrade combat power

You and your characters will explore combat missions in the fairy world. There are many different battlefields here, and you must pass before continuing to explore. So you need to upgrade the characters’ abilities and help them become more robust. Improvements will appear if you upgrade, and you can choose them to fight. All are random but will match the skills of the character you control. And when you reach a certain level, you can take down the enemy with just one attack. Experience refreshing combat missions with fairy-tale characters.

Fairytale.io android

Enjoy exploring the world

The battles before the enemy are a barrier to prevent you from embarking on a journey of discovery. But you decided to fight when controlling your character to participate in the levels. And you will show your strength when upgrading characters while fighting. However, challenges will still appear, and you must fight them on many levels. So you can continue to explore the world and learn about special features. Besides, the victories will also satisfy your character design desires. Wage wars in the fairy tale world and create characters according to your favourite story.

Fairytale.io mod apk

You have begun the journey to explore the fairy world with many mysteries to welcome. And along the way you will pass through many lands to meet interesting friends. But first, you will transform into characters in fairy tales. You can become a sleeping princess in the forest or transform into a girl in a red scarf. Then you can start the adventure quest in the fairy world and uncover the secrets. However, overcoming combat challenges while still exploring the world would be best. Download Fairytale.io MOD APK to enter the world of your dreams and start your adventures.

How to Download & Install Fairytale.io MOD APK (Menu/God/Damage Multiplier) for Android


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