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There are supernatural phenomena in the world that are difficult to explain. Many people believe that it was created by the spirits of the dead. With OXENFREE this is completely grounded. The story is about a group of young people traveling to an island off the coast. While exploring the island’s mysterious cave, they accidentally discovered something. Something related to the dark past of this supposedly dangerous place. What will they do to get out of it?

Adapted from the famous supernatural horror movie. OXENFREE will give players a clearer view of supernatural phenomena. Make assumptions and beliefs about things beyond human understanding. Leads you through every part of a story that is incredibly unbelievable and can leave people in disbelief. The special thing here is that messages written in the form of chat frames are displayed. A journey cannot determine the correct destination. Create amazing results and delights by cleverly arranging details. Worm chains it together to form a journey with mysterious things.

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When the girl Alex started with her friends to go deep into the cave on the island. Use your radio according to legend to catch strange signals. She made the devils begin to appear here. Creepy sounds began to emanate from the corners of the cave. Time loops make it impossible for them to escape. Most importantly, the ghosts of dead sailors appeared everywhere. Help the girl Alex escape from these deadly horrors. Overcome the challenges of the journey to find out how to rescue the friends who are being manipulated. Discover what Alex has been through throughout his life, facing challenges.

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Explore the haunted island

Stepping off this abandoned island from a boat you’ll think this is an outing. No, this is the beginning of the worst nightmares. From the moment you enter the cave, everything will change completely for you and the group. You will experience bending reality, teleporting to places on the island. Radio frequencies are linked to the terrifying entities behind. Different regions of space allow you to travel through it. Go to a world where spirits reside to uncover mysteries. This island is a place you are not allowed to set foot on in the first place. Fates have been arranged for you in this very place.

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Contact with entities

On this terrifying island, you discover an extremely shocking secret. The shipwrecked sailors could not escape and were living here. Their spirits incarnate into extremely terrifying things, haunting the island. But these souls are trapped inside the protective layer of the island. You used radio waves to try to contact and accidentally released these souls. Now they are free to destroy the world without fear of anything. You can talk to them on the radio on your phone. They will use these radio waves to create their own voice by controlling. See what they want from you and what their purpose is.

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A story with many endings

Your efforts along with actions to try to save the friends will affect the story. It’s up to the choices you’ve made to decide what’s right. The story will follow these decisions to shape the ending. Whether this ending can be happy or not will depend entirely on you. Those decisions may be right or wrong, but it will speak to your character. What you need may or may not appear. You will be the one to guide this story to the end and no one has the right to judge you. Explore the different endings of this surreal horror story.

OXENFREE mod free

A world for horror enthusiasts awaits you. A place where you will never be able to predict what you will do. A journey right on your phone curated to dive deeper into it. This game will give you amazing action. An impressive story built in a strange and modern style. The world of OXENFREE mod will always welcome you anytime and anywhere. Satisfy your mystery-solving pleasure in this uninhabited horror island. Discover the personalities of Alex’s friends and their life stories. Draw yourself deep lessons in this life.

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