Mining Master MOD APK 1.1.2 (Unlimited money, Free Reward)

Updated on 13/01/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameMining Master APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, Free Reward
SupportAndroid 7.0+
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When mining valuable things, what will Mining Master’s miners do? Of course, it will be in exchange for money to develop their business. Just dig, dig and dig continuously into the hard ground. Revealing treasures containing hundreds of millions of dollars. Take them and get huge bonuses from trading. There’s even crazier stuff lurking in there. Only your pickaxe can dig and touch slack. No one has the energy to find these but you because the professionalism is unmatched.

In stressful times, just a little entertainment is enough for a new start. Think of yourself as a miner, and you have a Mining Master appearing on your device. Open up, and a whole big world seems in your eyes. But strangely, it’s nothing special. But don’t be mistaken because the remarkable thing is not on the ground. They lie underground and have never been discovered. You don’t have to go out and dig; you can already do it. Sit on the spot and start a journey that couldn’t be better.

Mining Master mod free

Download Mining Master mod – Dig all things underground

You don’t need to learn anything; you already know how it works when you first enter. Take your character to the place to dig and command him to do the job. Dig as deep as you can until you find an object under it. This item can be something of extreme value, like a treasure or an artifact. Use things that can help you to speed up digging. The more land is mined, the more items can be sold for money. Money can be upgraded or buy things you need. Just do that; taking ten minutes a day will do. Dig whenever you have free time, before work or a break. Everything is waiting for you to bring it up and use it very quickly.

Powerful tool upgrade

The stronger the tool, the deeper it can dig in the same amount of time. That’s why you shouldn’t hang around using something of poor quality. We must find places that contain this tool, such as on the top hill. Dig until the cliff collapses to get tools. What you have just earned will show tremendous speed: a shovel, pickaxe or giant trowel. Don’t forget to give temporary strength by watching the video. It will make the tool twice as loud and double the speed. But the effect will only be until the countdown ends. You will return to the old state and need more time to wait again.

Mining Master mod apk

Display of results

Each level requires you to dig enough artifacts to put in the collection. Then the new traders complete the contract and receive the bonus. So if you need better tools, you’ll have to work a little more complicated. Let’s dig and see if there’s anything that can help. After you dig up the good stuff and have the money, use those supports. Excavators and drills will save you quite a bit of time. Thanks to that, you quickly dig up the artifacts at the bottom. Please put it on the shelf and admire the beauty of treasures, diamonds, antique vases or dinosaur bones. These things can only be earned with your efforts.

Mining Master mod

Sell faster

There are things you can find, like small gold bars or diamonds. Sometimes pieces of iron or metal are not of high value. But they can be used to sell to merchants. The speed at which these things are sold is also an issue. You can also boost your sales by watching videos. So another quality money source is brought back quickly with the Mining Master mod.

Download Mining Master MOD APK (Unlimited money, Free Reward) for Android

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