ARIDA: Backland’s Awakening APK 1.9.25

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NameARIDA: Backland’s Awakening APK
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SupportAndroid 5.0+
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The Black Land is the rumored place where no one can live well in ARIDA: Backland’s Awakening. But you have a different thought than what people have not dared to do. It’s about surviving on it with confidence and courage on your own. All with only one goal, which is to find their loved ones. Everything around, when found, will bring some benefit to us. Use your wisdom to turn them into innovative tools. Bringing positive changes for our survival the next time.

As an adventure game combined with survival, ARIDA: Backland’s Awakening creates its substance. What makes the most novelty is the 3D image and the big world. Players can feel extremely satisfied with what they are enjoying. Explore and learn new skills for yourself. Show how important the meaning of survival will be in life. Bringing a closer look at the human will result in difficult circumstances. Great things are always formed by the effort and time that you have spent.

ARIDA Backlands Awakening mod

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Players will play the role of a girl who grew up and was born in a poor village in the desert. Everything here is very arid and challenging to grow. With the desire to find love again, you will help the girl complete the tasks. Explore unseen lands and get closer to finding your parents. Each mission will require you to find or craft something. Don’t worry too much because there will also be helpful instructions for you to follow. We will need to work hard to travel to many places to fulfill the requirements. Helping people to defeat poverty is happening every day with their own hands.

ARIDA Backlands Awakening mod free

Use tools

Knives, machetes, and hoe are things associated with the productive activities of farmers. But now, they can do more to help you survive in the desert. Once you’ve gained new achievements, you can find these tools. The pickaxe lets you dig deep into the rock and see what you need there. It can also dig out lakes or open small paths through canyons. The sickle helps you to harvest valuable food crops in the field. Note that these tools are used a lot. They may wear out. Maintenance is the way to renew these convenient tools.

ARIDA Backlands Awakening mod apk

Cooking recipe

After hard work, nothing can stop the hunger coming to your stomach. Instead, refuel yourself with delicious homemade dishes. To make these dishes is also very easy with their available recipes. The important thing is that you find the ingredients in the recipe. A guidebook full of fun recipes will be provided. It would be best if you hunted animals to find delicious pieces of meat. Harvest grains to have crispy and soft slices of bread in your meals. Find dark plants that you can use to combine with the dishes you cook.

ARIDA Backlands Awakening mod apk free

Explore new lands

The lands behind are worth it for you to find new things. When we have completed the chain of assigned tasks, of course, it will be unlocked. There you can go and survey your surroundings to find new resources. Areas of exploitable resources as well as a diversity of flora and fauna. You will find that each has its advantages and disadvantages that coexist. If you have overcome the weakness, you can expand your influence. Make things that lie in nature will all be under your control. Production activities will now be upgraded as well as more developed.

ARIDA Backlands Awakening mod android

Interact with the villagers

Each place has villages with many people living and living there. You will get quite a few good quests from these friendly natives. Most will be to help them find the necessary conditions to complete their work. Upgrade more new types so that technology can be improved to the best. You will feel happier when you can help others with what you have. Of course, these quests give you quite a lot of resources. Thus, there will be no need to rely too much on the highly time-consuming mining anymore. Wisdom will help you overcome difficulties in ARIDA: Backland’s Awakening mod.

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