Thimbleweed Park APK 1.0.9

Updated 26/03/2024 (4 weeks ago)
NameThimbleweed Park APK
PublisherTerrible Toybox, Inc.
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SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Thimbleweed Park

The world is full of mysteries that we have never discovered. It often happens in places you’ve never been before. Let’s explore the investigation of two experienced employees in Thimbleweed Park MOD APK. Join them to solve the mystery of strange things happening in this strange town. Meet strange people with monstrous personalities out of the ordinary. In the end, where will the fate of the people in this place go?

It is a horror-oriented exploration and puzzle game. Bringing players a journey with many strange cases. Thimbleweed Park APK 1.0.9 has contributed to attracting players who love detective stories. Love the charm of cases that happen in everyday life. Deaths need to be unraveled by top experts. People who are good at investigating and analyzing different things. With this game, you will know what the investigators will have to do. Reveal a little bit about the life and work they love to do. Investigate the most difficult cases and bring it to light with your expertise.

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Download Thimbleweed Park APK mod – Find out the mysteries in town

This town is always doing weird things that make it scary. Our two agents must find the truth behind it. Mysterious cases are never solved. Terrible murders with extremely cruel tricks. Even so, the person who did this has not been brought to justice. The people here treat it as a normal thing. There were no surprises on their faces. As if they had been used to these things for a long time, it happened all too often. The terror of this place must be put to an end and cleanse the town once and for all from this curse.

Thimbleweed Park mod apk


To be able to find the culprit behind the massacre, it is necessary to conduct zoning of the suspects. These people were quickly met for questioning and taking statements. A girl with a dream to become a doctor, a depraved clown who is always melancholy and likes to swear, even a ghost who always wants to see his daughter. From what they do combined with regular monitoring, you might be able to find some clues. These clues will lead you to the most suspicious events that ever happened. Anyone can be a murderer who is hiding his crime. Don’t jump to conclusions, you need time to prove your argument is correct.

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Murder cases

Barbarian murders frequently occur in different parts of the town. Each time the investigation team arrived, only the body remained at the scene. The killer was already running far away. Based on the clues he left at the scene you can know how to commit the crime. Various weapons were hidden by him. Sometimes it’s a sharp knife, a saw or a rope. All are useful tools that cause tragic deaths. There were no fingerprints because the killer had carefully worn gloves and concealed his whereabouts. Making the investigation much more difficult, especially his cunning. But don’t give up, everything will be clear.

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Discover the story behind

Mysterious events will always appear with each part of this story. It will deepen and deepen the psychology of the characters, and at the same time become more complex. It’s not as simple as you first thought. Interesting facts will reveal some of the essentials for the case. Discover the stories behind the characters included in the game. Their pasts can be useful for your future case solving, don’t ignore them. Tired nights of investigation gathered some valuable information. Enough to show you how miserable investigators are, appreciating their lives.

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Meet the people in this large town, collect various news. This is the minimum you have to do if you want to find something new. This job requires high concentration, great calculation mind to be able to do the job. If you just eat and don’t sit idle, you will definitely not gain anything. Be a most responsible working inspector. Thimbleweed Park MOD APK is not for those who are lazy to think about problems. Must know how to piece together the clues from the story in which you are involved. Track down that criminal with everything you have. Don’t let him dominate and influence others.

How to Download & Install Thimbleweed Park APK for Android


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