Outlander: Fantasy Survival MOD APK (God mode) 9.5

Updated on 22/11/2022 (4 months ago)
NameOutlander: Fantasy Survival APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesGod mode
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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People will reveal their full potential with Outlander: Fantasy Survival in the most challenging circumstances. You will be living in a ruined world with the remnants of great wars. Use them to create the most substantial base to protect your safety. Collect and craft to get the most modern tools. Drive out all invaders to take a unique position on your territory. Constantly advancing to compete for resource-rich locations. You become a strong warrior when there is nothing left to lose.

A fantasy role-playing world with survival elements is magically described by Outlander: Fantasy Survival. You’re free to turn your imagination into reality with what’s in it. Interactive features are made in a variety and unique ways for players. For example, 3D graphics make space come alive every second. Not only that, we can all play whenever we want. So get rid of all negative thoughts through self-development. Instead, create the perfect world you’ve always wanted.

Outlander Fantasy Survival mod

Download Outlander: Fantasy Survival mod – Survival in the dangerous world

You are a great inventor in the wild and dangerous medieval world. Use the knowledge you have to make things around you useful. The first is to exploit all that is available in nature to use. First, create the perfect shelter with usable weapons and tools. Second, inventions are essential to reduce your labor. At the same time improve working productivity to have more development conditions. Intelligence plays an indispensable role in helping us conquer the world. Third, become the most feared person who can extend his influence over this vast and potential continent.

Useful inventions

As mentioned above, inventions are something that you can rely on to enhance survivability. For example, it can be used in production and self-defense or daily hunting. You can craft automatic resource mines so that it works continuously. For example, create an automatic garden to grow food products. Craft powerful weapons like guns or cannons for hunting. They can also be used to repel Orcs effectively. As long as you get the required ingredients, you can follow the recipe and create it. It didn’t take long to get what you wanted. Please apply now to see their outstanding capabilities.

Outlander Fantasy Survival mod free

Intense battles

Battles are always something people need to do if they fall into an unexpected situation. You can quickly encounter Orcs or other terrifying creatures in exploring other areas. They will attack immediately when detecting a target approaching them. You can use guns, bombs, or chemicals to finish them off quickly. Secure yourself and get loot from their carcasses. All of these will help in your weapon research and development. Every creature has a weakness that we can exploit whenever we need to confront it directly.

Outlander Fantasy Survival mod apk

Building constructions

The structures in your shelter need to be perfect to meet your needs. Players can upgrade the main house to make it more modern and prominent. Expand the area of ​​the farm so that it can grow many new foods. Strengthen the mineral mines to get more gems and ores. Everything you invest in will bring unexpected results in the Outlander: Fantasy Survival mod.

Download Outlander: Fantasy Survival MOD APK (God mode) for Android

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