Evil Lands MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited point/Dumb enemy) 2.8.0

Updated 01/07/2023 (8 months ago)
NameEvil Lands APK
PublisherRage Quit Games LLC
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited point/Dumb enemy
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Evil Lands

In the afterlife, there are always dangerous creatures that we can’t know. Evil magicians usually summon them. To stop this wave of evil in the Evil Lands, we need to find heroes. Transform into warriors and become the last hope. Fight and erase the boundaries of death and life around. Push those ferocious demons back to where they were supposed to be.

Set in the Middle Ages, where knights reign to protect the peace of the kingdom. Evil Lands has become a famous role-playing game that many people know. 3D graphics are built with a slightly darker tone. Shows the not-so-good background of the people at that time. The music of the battle always sounded to encourage the spirit of the warrior. Hundreds of weapons and characters are made close to what is already there. Not too fussy and colorful like many other fantasy role-playing games. Evil Land is a good choice for you to start fighting right now.

Evil Lands mod free

Download Evil Lands mod – Fight and protect the afterlife

First, let’s start by finding a suitable appearance. There are many different career options for you to follow and do well in that role. There are both male and female gender options to satisfy your needs. Once selected, your journey officially begins. Complete the tutorial to be able to understand how to move as well as how to attack. Do not miss what is taught, and it will only hurt you. You can move freely in a large area. The stronghold of the kingdom will be the safest place for you. Get out there with weapons and slay the dark creatures to complete the mission.

There will be someone dedicated to giving you tasks for you to complete. Of course, when the job is done, you can receive a reward. Most of these missions will suit your fighting power. As long as you work hard, you will grow extremely fast. Gain a relative amount of power after a while of playing.

Evil Lands mod android

Booty system

As a hero, you definitely need good loot. Rest assured, your efforts are certainly not wasted. The things you get will include resources, gems, and equipment. Equipment such as armor, hat, or shirt, when equipped on the character, will significantly increase combat force. The weapon is definitely an indispensable thing because its damage is extremely abundant. The resources will be what support you in upgrading equipment and characters. Along with that, it can be used to exchange many things in the store. The more difficult the challenges, the higher the things you get because that is the law of survival.

Evil Lands mod download

Dense Dungeon

Do you want a dungeon dog? This is certainly doable. Evil Lands possesses hazardous dungeons that challenge the best warriors. There are many dungeon options available to you with varying difficulty options. Each level is a type of monster with its own characteristics. If you are confident that you are strong enough, then there is no need to be afraid of them. Just enter, sweep and claim glory and great rewards. That play is the life of real heroes. But be careful of the pitfalls that may appear. Entangled is not good. Always challenge more difficult things. You will grow a lot in the way you play.

Evil Lands mod apk

Real-time combat

Do you think you will have to be alone in this big world? Big mistake. Many other warriors are waiting for you in multiplayer mode. This is a good opportunity for you to interact more with the outside world. Learn combat skills and how to use magic effectively. You can invite them to go on difficult missions and fight together. It is even possible to attack them and create spectacular matches. Never look down on other players because you don’t know what they have. Their potential and strategic thinking could be superior.

Evil Lands mod apk free

Enter different lands and discover new quests. In each world will be a unique scene nowhere else. You can unlock it by completing the assigned things. Every place hides a terrible secret. New monsters with strange abilities and looks. New friends accompany you on the big road. If you spend some time learning about Evil Lands mod, you will probably get addicted.

How to Download & Install Evil Lands MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited point/Dumb enemy) for Android


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