Choice of the Viking MOD APK (Unlocked) 1.0.3

Updated on 12/01/2023 (3 weeks ago)
NameChoice of the Viking APK
PublisherChoice of Games LLC
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesUnlocked
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Choice of the Viking MOD APK Infomation

1. Unlocked
2. No Ads
3. Boosted stats (Competencies & wealth) – use v2

Choice of the Viking is an extremely refreshing role-playing game in the form of a novel. At first, anyone who hears about role-playing games often imagines powerful heroes and warriors rushing into fierce battles. But here is completely different, a long novel story is opened for players to explore. The entire game is simulated with text and no sound effects. There are also no graphics involved. The plot is seamless but the course of the story depends entirely on your decisions. Every choice you make can change the story. You can play as you want, as long.

A 310,000-plus historical fantasy novel by author Declan Taggart is strong. The story begins in 910, with countless Viking longboats crossing the vast ocean. People who want to explore seek fortune and glory and explore new lands. This ship was chartered by the king of the powerful country of Norway. With the desire to bring settlers to Iceland in search of new lands to live in. This land of Iceland is a magical land of gods, giants, elves and the walking undead. This is a political game that combines romance, fighting and honor.

Choice of the Viking mod

Download Choice of the Viking mod – Explore the game as a novel run at your discretion

Each segment of the story is explained at the top of the screen, the bottom half is the next developments for the story that you can decide. Carefully read all the choices that the game offers, and follow the story line from beginning to end. After feeling which option best suits your wishes, you just need to click on this text. There are challenges in each chapter. News is constantly being updated, and the text displayed on the screen also changes regularly. It is your choices that determine the game, but it also needs to be the right choices. It is impossible to make bad decisions that affect the plot.

Choice of the Viking mod apk

Seamless plot

The essence of this game is a long historical novel, so every word in it is completely connected. If you stick to the story, you can finish this novel seamlessly. The story exudes the courage of the main character on the way to explore the land of Iceland. Proudly protect the farm from the zombies who intend to destroy this place. The sacred land cannot be defiled by lowly monsters and zombies. Political power, along with the diversity of religions, seem to be at war with each other. Accompanied by the arrival of diseases, famine, …

Choice of the Viking apk


As mentioned, every time a small episode ends, the player will make a decision for the story. Depending on the necessity and question raised by this story, there will be many options to solve. There can be three, four to five choices for the player to wonder about. Once your decision is made, the story officially navigates that way. You also never know how the decisions you make will affect the ending. And it’s not just the ending, even the next episode has changed in the direction of the choice you made for this ending.

Choice of the Viking apk free

Immerse yourself in the story

This story is written entirely in the first person. Players can immerse themselves in each situation and experience each level of emotion. Blend into each word that the author gives players to discover. Normally, plot-based games will often have illustrated character images. But not here, the producer wants players to imagine the scenes themselves. Movies running through the player’s head help players enhance their rich imagination. Players can rely on their emotional judgment entirely. From there, you can make decisions based on your perspective.

Choice of the Viking android

Decisions are made in many different forms and contents. Sometimes it is asking about the character or the activity someone is about to do. Or it could be a list of actions you should take next. The activities of the main characters unfold like a thrilling mythological story. Such as building your land and leading people to cultivate and raise livestock. Or negotiate and involve the leaders of neighboring countries. Can arbitrarily rule the land of Iceland according to autocracy. Or you can build this place into a self-governing country. Download Choice of the Viking mod to explore thrilling interactive historical novels.

Download Choice of the Viking MOD APK (Unlocked) for Android

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