OctoHits MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Currency) 0.12.9

Updated 30/04/2024 (1 month ago)
NameOctoHits APK
PublisherYso Corp
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited Currency
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK OctoHits

Create an explosion in space and begin your journey to exploit space resources in OctoHits. You will go to outer space and begin exploring these vast spaces. Then you will find the space is full of resources and want to exploit them. However, mining in outer space will be a challenge for those who want to get rich. So you have to find new mining methods to get resources for yourself. You choose the roughest but most straightforward way: to create explosions. Start mining your space resources by exploding resource fossils.

The world beyond space is still unexplored, and there are still many mysteries out there. And you accidentally discovered the abundant resources out there while exploring space. But mining in outer space will not be as simple as you do on Earth. Outer space resources will be in meteorites, and you must find a way to exploit them. So you choose to explore the meteors to be able to collect the resources that are thrown. Then your resources will be automatically sold, and you can start getting rich. Search for resources in space and get rich with mining by exploding meteorites.

OctoHits android

Download OctoHits mod – Exploit space resources to become rich

You have begun your exploration of outer space and have found a resource. Those are vast areas of space, and you can imagine a lot of resources. They are all precious; anyone who fully exploits them will become rich. But the space environment differs from the Earth, which w, which will challenge resources in meteorites; you have chosen the method of destruction. You can explode meteorites with resources to start the mining process. Create a vast resource-mining area in your outer space to become rich.

OctoHits free

Extraterrestrial resources

The world’s resources are slowly running out, and many people are looking for new ones. Many people discover the area has many resources but give up because they cannot exploit it. And that place is an ample space with many resources located in meteorites. So if anyone can exploit the entire space can become rich. But mining in outer space seems impossible because of environmental differences. However, you will not give up that abundant amount of resources but will persist with mining. Explore the universe’s endless resources and start mining your way.

OctoHits mod apk

Resource explosions

You decide to conquer the quest to mine the universe’s resources when you discover resources out there. But before you, many people also realize the infinite resources of the universe. And they had to give up because exploiting the vast expanse of space seemed impossible. So you have researched many ways to exploit, and your choice is to create explosions. This will help you get the universe’s resources after blowing up the meteors. And to do that, you’ve created an area around your mining site. Create explosions in space so you can mine resources from meteorites.

OctoHits mod

Expansion of mining

Successfully exploiting space resources has given you more confidence in your journey. You are correct in creating a mining space to create meteor explosions. And from there, your process of exploiting space resources begins with special tools. The powerful balls you create will hit the meteors and cause them to explode. But before that, you need to manually explode them to give the ball more space to collide. And you can expand the space mining area to get more resources. Successfully mine space resources and expand the mining area to get rich quickly.

OctoHits apk

You will begin your quest to exploit space when you discover abundant resources. This will be the place to help you become the wealthiest person in the universe after exploiting the entire space. However, your first challenge is finding the right way to exploit resources. And you have chosen to explode meteorites with space resources. Those resource explosions helped you get rich quickly when collecting resources. And you can expand your space mining with bigger explosions. Download OctoHits mod to collect all cosmic resources by exploding your meteors.

How to Download & Install OctoHits MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Currency) for Android


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