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From Supercell, the developer brought you Clash of Clans. Along with the most familiar faces in that famous tower defense game. But today, we will talk about Clash Quest, a game with a simpler interface and gameplay, much more fun. And although it takes the characters from Clash of Clans, it still has its own beauty. The beauty is tactical in a completely new way. It is an array of battles against the enemy. Your army will stand together as a team. Use your power to defeat ferocious monster enemies.

Clash of Clans is no longer a strange name for many gamers around the world. Since its launch in 2012, Supercell’s ramparts game has brought an uncountable appeal to everyone. Until now, the next game to be released is called Clash Quest. Still funny and fun images of warrior characters. But together, they join a new and much more creative battle. Welcome to the battlefield of Clash Quest.

Clash Quest mod

Download Clash Quest mod – Adventure on mysterious islands

The strange shipwreck happened unidentified. You and the warrior heroes washed up on a strange island. Encounter dangerous and terrifying monsters as an urgent task. You and the warriors must stand up to fight to protect their own safety. Join the fight with the most thorough and important preparation. You will control and move the warriors in a certain area. They will stand still in that position and fight the enemies on the opposite side of the battlefield. Strike and fire skills continuously at targets.

Especially each hi moves the same warriors in the same position. They will activate special skills and combos to increase the damage of that skill. At the same time, each type of warrior has different types of combos. Depending on the class and attack ability, the defense of each army is different. Upgrade your power to fight giant bosses. Unlock many new islands and go on an exciting adventure.

Clash Quest mod apk

Control and equip the character

Heroes fighting in Clash Quest will be extremely familiar characters that you often use in Clash of Clans. Like Barbarian, Archer, Wizard, Giant. Warriors possess different stats and strengths-based on each type. For example, Barbarian will have a stable amount of health and damage. While Archer has low health and has much higher ranged attack power. The Wizard can perform magical attacks… Mainly in the armor and equipment upgrades of the warriors. Aim to increase pure power and combos to kill monsters faster. It is possible to select certain warriors in a battle with a certain number.

Clash Quest mod mod

Plunge into battle in the islands

Each milestone is a different island for you to keep moving to and fighting. Among them are islands with the appearance of giant bosses. Unlock the islands by clearing all the previous island levels. Then you will receive the number of stars corresponding to the quality of the battles. You can use stars to buy more packages of valuable items. Help increase the strength and diversity of your warriors. Get past as many islands as you can. To go to battle with many powerful monsters and even giant bosses with great difficulty.

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Upgrade weapons and magic

Your army of heroes needs more equipment to increase their strength to the maximum. Maybe it’s just simple effect boosters. But actually, they have a big impact on the battle unexpectedly. Be prepared for difficult boss battles, as you’ll need magic to use when needed. Use trademark spells like Log, a giant cannon that shoots all enemies. Or Fireball, a fireball with a large area of ​​damage and burning. These magical skills still have many varieties, and their usage is unchanged.

Clash Quest mod free

In general, if you are a Clash of Clans lover. Or have an interest in simple combat. Surely you should not be ignored with the battles in Clash Quest. Tactical is not too much, but it is not simple either. Lovely interface and graphics. The characters are also very familiar and have a more intuitive perspective. There is no reason for you to skip this simple game of Supercell. It will definitely be suitable for all smartphones for you to experience Clash Quest mod smoothly.

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