Nightmare Dorm MOD APK (Unlimited money, drinks) 0.8

Updated on 11/12/2022 (2 months ago)
NameNightmare Dorm APK
PublisherSingleStar. LLC
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, drinks
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play
Nightmare Dorm MOD APK Infomation

Note: You will get coin and drinks upon entering battle.

Run and run away before some crazy madman can catch the player. Speed ​​up and build defensive solid houses and towers. Nightmare Dorm is a fresh take on the escape adventure game market. Run away from the pursuit of the evil Joker and fight the haunted forces. He’ll take them away as they keep chasing the players. Continuity is the escape to upgrade the defensive line is solid and solid. Nothing can sneak into the player’s dorm. Players take on the role of elite students and stay at the school overnight. Suddenly encounter disasters that players will not be able to predict. Manage by all means to avoid the worst situations the game can bring.

Attractive game features revolve around the story of the dormitory building. Nightmare Dorm offers a novel escape and battle adventure. Find the mystery to think to defeat the evil, evil Joker. Behind that is a highly mysterious, demonic force, dramatic fear through every level and feature of the Nightmare Dorm game. Challenging each step of the way that players will experience is very interesting—combat props and hiding places that players will need to take advantage of.

Nightmare Dorm mod android

Download Nightmare Dorm mod – Nightmare Dorm

After the rain comes morning again and after the coming disasters, there will be moments of peace. The Nightmare Dorm game will have a lot of exciting and valuable things that promise to bring players this adventurous escape game. There are things that players will need to be exposed to and get used to during the challenges. Brainstorm with allies to come up with a specific strategy. It’s lucid with the variety of thinking patterns and gameplay mindsets in Nightmare Dorm. Enjoy the gifts after the exciting entertainment moments that this game brings. Build powerful tower defense towers fixed to watch every move. Challenge yourself with every adventure the game has and will have in the future. Unlock and get lots of achievements that glorify any game player.

Nightmare Dorm

Dormitory at night

When the night has covered this place, the challenges will come to the players. Nightmare Dorm revolves around the boys and girls of the school in the forest. They stayed in the dorm overnight, and unexpectedly, disaster struck them all of a sudden. The characters had to suffer the most to deal with some crazy madman like the Joker and behind them were countless demonic forces. Try to overcome the challenges until dawn and the ghosts are gone. Rugged and dramatic in every particular game situation, Nightmare Dorm promises to bring a compelling game story that is addictive over time.

Nightmare Dorm mod

Build the room

Defend and repair entire rooms as solid as battle towers. High defense and attack when upgrading and fixing them. All equipment and rewards are used to improve buildings and spaces. Steal and fight in the most vital room that can stand the test of time. This is a dormitory and a communal area, so it needs a consensus to build and protect. The player himself is a crucial component in being able to make survival plans. Nightmare Dorm is a game with both strategy and adventure that is cool and attractive.

Nightmare Dorm mod apk

Dormitory mode

The multiple game modes for players to freely challenge their gameplay in this Nightmare Dorm game. The single-player is the individual-player survival battle mode of the game. That is, the player will have to self-support the player to overcome the challenge. Hunter mod is a hunter mode where players can only escape dangers. Run and run when the Joker is chasing the player and danger is near. Challenge all player limits, especially the most featured Warrior mod in the game, and head-to-head with crazy, crazy Jokers to push the boundaries.

Nightmare Dorm mod apk free

Players themselves can freely experience the game Nightmare Dorm with many different methods. Choose a game screen, learn the fascinating game story, and immerse yourself in it. Pick out unique ways of survival for each player. The player himself must find out the principles of this Nightmare Dorm game for survival and adventure. Download the Nightmare Dorm mod and run away from the crazy, crazy Joker and fight against the evil that wickedly builds defenses.

Download Nightmare Dorm MOD APK (Unlimited money, drinks) for Android

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