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Introduce Dragon World MOD APK

The world of fairy tales and dragons is always been the dream of many people who love myths. To realize that dream, you can search Dragon World. A game that mixes elements of construction and fascinating mythology. Do you want to be the nurturer of the loveliest and most powerful dragons? Possessing a huge amount of pets, it was surprising that they were all dragons. You will have to take care of them like real pets, from being born from eggs to growing up and having invincible strength.

Dragon Merge is a game that allows you to nurture and develop adorable dragons. Based on methods such as building construction, breeding new types of dragons. These things combined will let you discover many magical lands. Each place has its own unique natural and landscape elements. Accompany your dragons to make things better than ever. This will be the unique pet-raising experience you will ever have.

Dragon World mod

Download Dragon World – Expand a magical dragon world

We will always start from the starting line. That is when in a state of empty hands. In the first stage, you will be introduced and taken to the wonderland. Get acquainted with the races and elements of dragons. After completing the tutorial, you will be given a dragon egg to hatch. This egg has a much faster hatching time than usual. So just a few short seconds, you can own your first companion. Followed by that is the first land you can own. Build structures for your dragon to live there. Complete the assigned tasks to receive lots of new rewards.

The foster caretaker’s duties don’t end there. There are many dragon species you can get in a certain amount of time playing the game. If you work hard and persevere, that number can reach hundreds. That’s why you have to take care of them all to be able to complete your mission. They will also be absolutely loyal to you and follow you throughout their lives. It can be said that every dragon in the game has a certain role.

Dragon World mod mod

Arousing the fighting instinct

If you follow the story carefully, you will know that dragons have been suppressed and taken away by a ghostly force called Zombie Orc in the world of Dragon World. They are ruthless and have slain countless mighty dragon warriors. You are the chosen one as a repeater of the world order. The one who will bring the great battle to regain justice for the dragons. That is why you will raise dragons. Train them in special combat skills. Each dragon species will have unique strengths and skills. Thereby creating diversity on the battlefield to easily win.

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Hybrid created many powerful warriors

Is it compared to other games, based on the number of warriors? Dragon World focuses on the quality of each dragon. From their fighting ability to their special species. If the union of the two species produces a special synergistic power, then the hybridization of dragons will certainly lead to the same result. That is why the hybrid system was born. With this feature, you can breed a brand new dragon from two existing dragons. The offspring will have the characteristics of both parents. Strength and combat skills are therefore also significantly increased—hybrid a lot to collect real dragon army.

Dragon World mod apk

Expand the legendary dragon land

The successive lands in the world of Dragon World are being explored at breakneck speed. To do that is very simple. You need to complete as many important tasks as possible. Or even use the money to unlock those places instantly. The new lands will have very different landscapes and climates. Since then, the construction of works becomes more interesting and attractive. Join everyone in different communities. Find the best designs to decorate these wonderful lands.

Dragon World mod apk free

With the strength of the large world and the diversity of dragon species. The gameplay of Dragon World is extremely entertaining and relaxing. You can spend a little time taking care of your dragons. Train them more abilities for combat and many other fun activities. It is not surprising to say that Dragon World mod is the best game about building and developing species that you will experience.

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