Survivor Kingdoms MOD APK 2.1 (Menu, Immortal, Upgrade)

Updated on 11/01/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameSurvivor Kingdoms APK
MOD FeaturesMenu, Immortal, Upgrade
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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✶ God Mode
✶ All Heroes Available
✶ Free Upgrade Heroes

Soldiers, monsters, and objects are hypnotized and constantly attack you. What should you do when you are in such a situation? Fight, using your strength to fight. Challenge all the opponents you will have to face on the bloody battlefield. Survivor Kingdoms is a survival action simulation game where magically hypnotized enemies continuously attack the players to destroy them. Play as a mage warrior who uses weapons to fight objects. Use the incredible strength and power of the player’s character. Manipulate situations with tasteless unique weapons to wipe out all the constantly rushing enemies.

Find out which evil magician has hypnotized the objects, people, and creatures here. Save the world from corruption; enchant it with magic—scattered corpses on the burning battlefield. But don’t go easy on any enemy until you find a wicked target. The devil must be found, and evil and sound must be clearly defined. Carefully arrange to face all enemies, whether large or small, solid or robust. Find the wicked and make them suffer the proper punishment for manipulating this place. The chain of weapon skills swept away the army of entities that had been cruelly used, saving themselves.

Survivor Kingdoms mod

Download Survivor Kingdoms mod – Solve the siege battle

Completely restore order here, and bring peace to the land in Survivor Kingdoms. Take on mind-manipulating entities that surround the player’s character. Make them psychologically traumatized with powerful weapons and sky-high destructive power. You are manipulating the screen to create a long, powerful sequence of moves. Deal massive and continuous damage to destroy enemies on all levels. Survivor Kingdoms adventure into a world being manipulated and rescued. Never be afraid to face obstacles, no matter how difficult. Fight with all your passion with this intense battle simulation game. Activate limitless combat firepower in the action simulation game Survivor Kingdoms.

Survivor Kingdoms mod apk

Destroy all at once

More than a thousand, ten thousand monsters will appear in waves, one after another. They were accompanied by unknown strange entities that were psychologically manipulated to psychological towns. With just one weapon, it was possible to destroy all of them; with the simplest operations on the device to interact with characters and weapons, the player kills many deeply manipulated entities at once. Enroll in magical, violent, highly personal skills battles. Conquer and destroy the island of Survivor Kingdoms by killing all the psychologically abused monsters that appear from time to time and will become more and more numerous, and then find out the evil mastermind of the plan to use the psychology of creatures can be here.

Survivor Kingdoms mod apk free

Skilled Weapons

Each weapon will have its unique power in the game Survivor Kingdoms and a wide variety of firearms. Everything is fantastic and new that players will need to learn and master. For example, the sword could extend several meters for long-range combat. Upgrading the longsword will make the blade longer, sturdier, and deal more damage as safely as possible. The spinning blade will spin and sweep away all enemy sieges in the game. The multitude of weapons with unique, strange skills will surely intrigue the players—survivor Kingdom’s combat weapon to clear the blockade of the game’s most stubborn enemies.

Survivor Kingdoms mod android

Warrior characters

The warriors of the game Survivor Kingdoms are highly diverse in character types. For example, Sun En did not hold the stick as he wished and rotated and swept away the encirclement. Witches use spells that can cast spells that reduce the enemy’s intelligence and strength. Ninjas use classic weapons like knives or darts to improvise. Countless exciting and unique characters attract other players. Survivor Kingdoms is attractive because of its uniqueness and nature, so what are you waiting for without downloading this highly awaited survival action simulation game right away?

Survivor Kingdoms mod android free

The gifts will always be given to the player after each win corresponding to each facility. Items such as weapons, food, money, and food are also included in the lucky wheel. Each player will receive one or more daily spins, which is no fun with most existing 3D game visuals. Download Survivor Kingdoms mod to save your kingdom as a powerful awakened mage.

Download Survivor Kingdoms MOD APK (Menu, Immortal, Upgrade) for Android

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