Mutant Zone 2 – Escape MOD APK (Menu/God mode) 4.4

Updated 10/03/2024 (1 month ago)
NameMutant Zone 2 – Escape APK
PublisherEnax Games
MOD FeaturesMenu/God mode
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Mutant Zone 2 – Escape

Mutant Zone 2 – Escape MOD APK (Menu/God mode) continues the game of the same name but adds more attractive and new elements, especially for gamers who are interested in first-person shooter games. An environment with terrifying creatures with peculiar appearances appeared. In a peaceful and happy city, everything is in the past. Mutant monsters appeared indiscriminately and attacked the people in this city. From creatures like dogs and mutant spiders to zombies with slimy bodies. The mutant mice with enormous sizes. As long as they can attack you, you can ultimately be killed and turned into a similar zombie.

The people of the whole city had to hide before the invasion of these monsters. Therefore, the city space also became strangely quiet. This also makes the atmosphere gloomy when the player does not know from which direction the monsters appear. They can attack suddenly and dash towards you, making the player unable to react. Therefore, players need to be alert and constantly observe their surroundings. Pay attention to collecting weapons along the way always to have weapons ready to attack the enemy. Right from the first shot, the player cannot destroy the enemy. It takes several attacks to drain them of their health altogether.

Mutant Zone 2 Escape android

Download Mutant Zone 2 – Escape mod – Shoot to destroy all monsters and zombies in the city.

If players have played shooting action games before, the gameplay of Mutant Zone 2 – Escape APK mod is no longer strange. There are still virtual keys distributed on the screen so players can easily control the character. The left-hand corner is usually a circular virtual key that helps the player control the character to move around the area. The other side includes the keys to aim, attack, jump and attack enemies with your hands. Players combine these operations to attack and avoid the enemy quickly. You can review the situation and run away if you feel an emergency. Then choose a safe shelter and hidden corner to attack enemies from afar.

Mutant Zone 2 Escape apk free

20 levels

Mutant Zone 2 – Escape APK 4.4 offers 20 levels of horror with increasing difficulty. Players must skillfully overcome new challenges and dangers with each new level. Each new level of the game opens up a new and scarier story than before. But this is also the game’s attraction when players are curious about the sequel. Stories can be found anywhere in the city, from the abandoned amusement park with substantial game constructions. Or between the city with the existence of cars, buses do not go. In these locations, there exist guns that the player can use.

Mutant Zone 2 Escape apk

Scary monster

As you know, the monsters in Mutant Zone 2 – Escape MOD APK are terrifying because they have been mutated. Each monster has its own distinct strong and weak characteristics. Some monsters move very quickly, but there are also extremely slow monsters. But slow means their size is big and heavy. This means that their vitality can be longer. Fast-moving monsters usually have the same attack speed. If these monsters catch up with you, the player can be defeated immediately. Which is the wolf with black fur, or the zombie is human but has no skin.

Mutant Zone 2 Escape mod apk

Strong Weapon

In Mutant Zone 2 – Escape, players can use various weapons to attack enemies. Shotguns, shotguns, assault rifles, and flamethrowers are just a few examples. Each type of weapon brings different characteristics of use and attack. These guns appear everywhere in the region. As long as players find them, you can ultimately own and use them in your way. As you complete the game, you can upgrade your weapons to make them stronger and more effective. Weapons with high stats can help players win more quickly and shorten the battle time.

Mutant Zone 2 Escape mod

The game is simulated almost similar to real life—the arrangement of the position of the objects, the ratio between the sidearm and the item. Everything is perfectly cared for. Players feel like they are directly involved in a real-life survival war. Players can also take advantage of the obstacles that appear in the area. They can become a shield for the player to track and attack enemies from a distance. Download Mutant Zone 2 – Escape mod to destroy all monsters and zombies raging in the city.

How to Download & Install Mutant Zone 2 – Escape MOD APK (Menu/God mode) for Android


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