Rigid Force Redux MOD APK 1.0.10 (Menu, Paid content | god mode | energy)

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NameRigid Force Redux APK
MOD FeaturesMenu, Paid content | god mode | energy
SupportAndroid 8.1+
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Rigid Force Redux is like a new breath of life in the action game genre in multidimensional space. Enter the fancy space world where no main character exists. Only the confrontation of space robots and weapons and monsters in space. Bring a companion fighter jet under the guidance of the blue astronaut. Equip various weapons for your space ball machine. Whenever encountering monsters or alien robot chains. During the battle, collect energy orbs. At some point, there was enough strength to throw the orb, causing it to explode.

In Rigid Force Redux, there are three main game modes for players to explore. The main opening is to play according to the story, which is also the mode that is easiest to access and do the most tasks. Just complete daily quests and engage in constant battles. There is also an Arcade mode and a Boss Rush mode. Each game mode is divided into six distinct stages. Also, in the menu item, select options to choose the level of difficulty and ease for the game screen. The main interface is in the vast space, and behind is the image of the earth rotating in its orbit. The main color is blue-gray with bright stars and planets as the background for your spaceship.

Rigid Force Redux android

Download Rigid Force Redux mod – Space war of spaceships and aliens

As soon as your spaceship is located with an orange dashed outline. That spaceship flew into space and fired bullets continuously forward. The player’s job is to move the spaceship up and down in proportion to the enemies ahead. So that the projectile of the spaceship shoots straight at the enemy. The gameplay of Rigid Force Redux is almost similar to the gameplay of the once-popular chicken shooting game. But instead of playing in a vertical screen, here, the spaceship flies horizontally to fight the enemy. Enemy warships are constantly flying towards you. They will deliberately aim to hit you, if not caught, they can fly out of their flight path.

Rigid Force Redux apk free

Weapon system

Because your spaceship always shoots bullets horizontally. So the flight path of these projectiles is also very important, and it depends on the weapon you equip. In one battle can equip many different types of ammunition. The single bullet was blue and white like lightning. The projectile has 3 consecutive bullets, or three bullets fly in a triangle. Flame-type projectile with long orange-yellow sparks. Depending on the enemy flying scattered or concentrated, the player chooses the appropriate type of ammo. For example, if the enemy is a giant at one location, it is better to choose a concentrated bullet instead of a split bullet. Sometimes combining both bullets and missiles to increase damage.

Rigid Force Redux apk

Battle Area

Because it is a space war, there are many different planets with the appearance of enemies. Sometimes right in space, sometimes inside giant spaceships. The surface of Mars with sandy beaches and huge tall stone pillars. Covered by a layer of air and orange fog. The area above the volcano, below is a burning lava flow. Enemy base with the design of columns made of strange metal things. They also have discriminatory looks that make it difficult for players to grasp the obstacles ahead. In addition to avoiding enemies, on the way there are also obstacles such as meteorites, stone pillars, engine pylons, …

Rigid Force Redux mod apk

Various enemies

With so many levels and planets, it’s not unusual for enemies to have different looks. In each battle area, there are always small losers and bosses at the end. It may have been a series of small meteorites at first. Weird mini-sized devices fly in swarms. Then there are bigger enemies. The robot is made of sturdy material, the arms are two laser guns. The vortex is shaped like a roadblock wheel that rotates continuously. The giant satellite sphere is five or seven times the size of your spaceship. They kept flying around and emitting electric sparks. When they die, they explode into flames and smoke.

Rigid Force Redux mod

Try to complete all the missions and get all 40 achievements to collect huge rewards. The spaceships can also be changed if the player collects enough planets to buy them. Multiply four power orbs by eating support gems along the way. They are yellow and covered with a layer of green sparks. Since each table has only five lives, it is necessary to win the mission before dying more than five times. Download Rigid Force Redux mod that opens the planetary war between spaceships and robots.

Download Rigid Force Redux MOD APK (Menu, Paid content | god mode | energy) for Android

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