Monster Harem MOD APK (God mode, High DMG, XP, Steps) 1.8.1

Updated 17/07/2021 (3 years ago)
NameMonster Harem APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesGod mode, High DMG, XP, Steps
SupportAndroid 4.1+

Introduce MOD APK Monster Harem

Dungeon exploration and monster-slaying will always be a topic that never runs out of content to explore. Everyone loves the feeling of exploring in dark dungeons. Play the role of the brave warrior to destroy the enemy. Repel the dark forces, free the sealed lands from their invasion. Monster Harem is no exception. Moreover, your warriors have a variety of races, shapes, and strengths. The best thing is that they are all female, which could be better. You must be both excited and confused, right? So let’s get started.

It is a special combination of the dungeon, RPG adventure, and Clicker – tap and just taps. Monster Harem brings you a world where evil becomes hysterical and invades all dark lands and dungeons. In the role of a traveler – the player. You will adventure through all those lands, meet and gather many talented warriors. The special feature here is that all warriors are beautiful girls. Standard figure and possessing enormous strength. Everything else is left for you to experience for yourself.

Monster Harem mod apk free

Monster Harem mod version

  • God mode.
  • High damage.
  • Infinite Steps in Dungeon.
  • High XP gain in Fusion.
  • Need 1 character for Evolution.

Download Monster Harem mod – Unleash dangerous dungeons

The gameplay of Monster Harem is exciting when the screen is divided into 2 equal parts. Above is the amount of money, secret boxes, and treasure chests collected at each level. On the other side are battle instructions, keys, and treasure. In the middle is the map of the dungeon you’re exploring. Marked nooks and crannies are clearly shown. The other half of the screen below is the dungeon space represented by simple but beautiful 3D graphics. This is where you can manipulate the screen, move through the locations on the map. Encounter and engage monsters. Collect treasures and complete levels.

With the role of a commanding traveler. Your main task in the levels is to lead your expedition team. Move around everywhere in search of treasures. Maneuver and command warriors to fight when encountering enemies. Because it is designed in a turn-based game, each of your attacks will be very important. Create a turning point for the whole match, so be extremely careful.

Monster Harem free

Beautiful teammates

Possessing not too much with only 19 warriors. But one thing is for sure that these warriors are all girls with stunning and attractive appearance. With completely different powers and races. Still can’t detract from the appeal of warrior maidens. Alright, let’s focus on the main issue. Exactly, you will be able to send up to 4 girls with you to explore each dungeon simply because too much is too strong and will cause imbalance. And each has unique skills that can be combined very nicely. So the battles will require very high thinking and improvisation.

Monster Harem mod

Lots of mysterious lands

Monster Harem has over 150 different dungeons scattered around the world. Each dungeon is a unique feature that sets it apart from the rest. Can you conquer all of them? The good news for you is that all dungeons hold a lot of precious treasures. Includes gold coins, keys, and treasure chests, items needed to upgrade your warrior girls. If you are lucky, you can also get many legendary treasures at a meager rate. Those are also giant gacha ovens for you to try your luck. It is impossible not to mention the diverse monsters. The special power of all of them will surprise your expedition.

Monster Harem mod apk

Valuable achievement rewards

For a role-playing adventure game. Indispensable is the daily quests and accompanying rewards. Content-rich missions can be exploring a certain number of dungeons, slaying large numbers of monsters, or surpassing a high milestone in the game. The feeling of doing tasks and receiving rewards is exciting for every gamer. Because after difficulties and not giving up, you are all rewarded with powerful equipment or even a brand new beautiful warrior. Together overcome as many challenges as possible and receive many achievements and attractive rewards.

Monster Harem mod mod

If to talk about all the fascinating and attractive things in Monster Harem, it would not be possible to encapsulate it here. I recommend that you try to experience this rather idle role-playing adventure game. Because in addition to the beautiful warriors, there will still be many other interesting things waiting for you in the dungeons. Let’s download Monster Harem mod and combine it with the girls to satisfy.

How to Download & Install Monster Harem MOD APK (God mode, High DMG, XP, Steps) for Android


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