Dragon Quest Monsters Super Light TW MOD APK 8.3.0 (Menu, Damage, Defense multipliers)

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NameDragon Quest Monsters Super Light TW APK
PublisherMobimon Inc.
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, Damage, Defense multipliers
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Dragon Quest Monsters Super Light TW is a classic role-playing game released by Japanese techno makers. The traditional turn-based fighting game is combined with the Dragon Quest title. Collect and fight in dungeons or navigate through intricate mazes. Collect hundreds of monsters and upgrade them to become legendary beasts. Turn your monster gathering into the most powerful army in the world of Dragon Quest. Although the context is quite simple, the interface does not have many outstanding or attractive things. Dragon Quest Monsters Super Light TW still guarantees to bring a new and attractive experience.

Dragon Quest Monsters Super Light TW focuses on the player’s ability to fight and lead the team. However, there is still a certain plot that creates logic throughout the game. Takes place in an ancient castle built of rocks tinged with time. In the castle’s lobby, there are power circles where your monsters train their powers. Standing in the center is the leader or you, the leader in the process of fighting against the ghostly forces. Depending on the power system or the color of the clothes, the color of the position circle will be different for each character. There are monsters that act as the player’s mounts.

Dragon Quest Monsters Super Light TW apk free

Download Dragon Quest Monsters Super Light TW mod – Dragon Quest World with a mighty army of monsters

The labyrinths and dungeons are located on an island far from the mainland. Players follow the island’s trails to participate in exploring each of the different mazes and dungeons. Pick the monster cards you want or the strongest ones in the squad. In the bottom left corner of the screen there is a small rectangle where the wire will show the map of the maze after you discover it. Just follow the paths, meet a wall or an obstacle, and move in the opposite direction by moving your finger on the screen. On the adventure can encounter strange beasts attacking the army or unexpected gift chests.

Dragon Quest Monsters Super Light TW mod

More than 500 monsters

Dragon Quest Monsters Super Light TW completely emulates all the classic beast characters in Dragon Quest. Most differ in appearance and specific skills. There are many beasts that are just different colored versions of each other. A red dragon with huge wings and sharp claws. Eyeball-shaped ball handle and three flexible tails. The cross between the leopard and the horse creates a more exotic version. The teardrop shaped spheres have eyes, nose, and mouth, and different colors. Or clowns riding on the backs of flying dragons. Warriors rode on the backs of battle dragons with spears and sharp swords.

Dragon Quest Monsters Super Light TW mod apk

Various locations

Outside, the dark labyrinths take place under damp dungeons. There are outdoor locations that feel bright and comfortable for your eyes. The forests with luxuriant trees, the labyrinth is made in the shape of a yellow path in the middle of the lawn. Or inside the palatial palace with its renaissance motifs and quartzite walls. Or on the cliff side with the maze are wooden bridges connected by ropes. Each location has mysterious difficulties and challenges that players need to overcome. Upgrade and train your squad of beasts so that you can easily overcome the mysterious mazes.

Dragon Quest Monsters Super Light TW apk

Armory and upgrades

There are some monsters that have no weapons when they are first obtained. They only fight with their abilities and techniques. So Dragon Quest Monsters Super Light TW provides an arsenal of weapons. It contains a variety of weapons to equip your beasts and cavalry. The cavalry with the floating cloak will be more powerful with a powerful sword. This place gathers all kinds of defensive iron shields. Axes with blue handles and sharp, shiny blades. The spear was made of metal carved with delicate golden patterns. Or the royal sword forged into a legend.

Dragon Quest Monsters Super Light TW android

When first collected, your monsters are only in the beginner version. With simple appearance and basic skills. Later on, the difficulty of the challenge and the dexterity of the maze also increased. Need to upgrade and train the characters to become really strong. From a clown with an upgraded look and green blouse to a three-legged battle dragon. Purple wings and skull necklace combined with eloquent face. Download Dragon Quest Monsters Super Light TW mod to build a powerful army of battle dragons through the maze.

Download Dragon Quest Monsters Super Light TW MOD APK (Menu, Damage, Defense multipliers) for Android

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