BLEACH Mobile 3D MOD APK (Menu, Damage/Defense multipliers)

Updated 07/02/2022 (2 years ago)
NameBLEACH Mobile 3D APK
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MOD FeaturesMenu, Damage/Defense multipliers
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Introduce MOD APK BLEACH Mobile 3D

Welcome back to Bleach’s most famous characters in BLEACH Mobile 3D. A popular manga will be considered for an anime adaptation. And the huge success of the anime could lead to many other products being released. Bleach is one of those rare works released in so many different forms. Especially in the video game segment with a lot of games released. Perhaps the most striking of them all is BLEACH Mobile 3D. Because this game has correctly portrayed the characters’ power, you love. Moreover, it always follows the original story of the original series, so the fans very well receive it.

Once again embarking on a journey of soul searching and hunting. BLEACH Mobile 3D brings back many of the manga series’ most iconic characters. The Ichigo, Byakuya, Kenpachi, Uryu… All returned to continue fighting to protect their world. They will need your help to upgrade their power to a new level this time. Directly control the character you like to rush on the battlefield. Collect useful resources and items to increase strength. Encounter many of the most famous past enemies. The storyline is indispensable.

BLEACH Mobile 3D mod

Download BLEACH Mobile 3D mod – Fight in a unique anime style

3D graphics are the highlight and the first purposeful investment from BLEACH Mobile 3D. Most anime games will only have graphics at a maximum of 2D to have a certain resemblance to anime. BLEACH Mobile 3D brings a more special feeling when expressing characters on 3D models. This doesn’t make them worse, and it makes them a lot more real. The most important purpose is not only to aim. It is also to serve the fighting style of the characters in the game.

In all battles, each character will have three skills. These three skills have effects based on their true strength in the anime. It would help if you levelled up your character to the maximum to unlock all of them. Not only using one character in combat, but three characters will also be the maximum number. This helps players diversify their tactics. Combining skills and dealing full damage to the enemy is essential. It is also a tip for players to set their records. The rest will depend on luck.

BLEACH Mobile 3D mod apk

Characters have their rank

This is not new to the game industry’s history but has always been an essential factor that exists in every development period. The character system, including levels, qualities and skills, exists as a standard measure. Based on that to determine which character has more power. In BLEACH Mobile 3D, SSR will be the highest quality a character can have. The level will increase over time if fighting for a long time. There is a faster way to level up using resources purchased with money. The thing that helps promote the most apparent strength of the main character is equipment. It isn’t straightforward to build a complete gear set, but it’s worth it.

BLEACH Mobile 3D mod apk free

Get quests and open world

The map of BLEACH Mobile 3D contains many lands found in the original work, such as Kurosaki clinic, Urahara store, Rukon district, Las Noches, Hueco Mundo… In these places, we can also encounter NPC characters. Always in anime. They will task you to fight or do something. When completed, you will be free to explore other locations. There are places where you can buy and sell valuable items. There are places for your characters to rest after a tiring battle. The world will be expanded to add more exciting content for you to explore.

BLEACH Mobile 3D mod free

Familiar interactions return

The investment of the game is clearly shown when the voice actors for the characters in the anime series have the opportunity to voice directly for BLEACH Mobile 3D. So we have an exciting character interaction system. We will hear the characters’ voices that are most accurate to the original. Instead of chatting through dialogue boxes like many other games, this is a bold move and pleases the fans. The names of the familiar moves of the series have also been recreated. Festivals and events also bring players many familiar things in Bleach. Don’t be surprised because every day you access the game, something new will appear again.

BLEACH Mobile 3D free

Take the time to get to know the characters. Directly go into combat right away to gain experience and level. Enjoy a familiar storyline with many of the icons that made the series famous. Help Ichigo and his comrades win on the battlefield once again. Fulfil the purpose of protecting the most critical things in BLEACH Mobile 3D mod.

How to Download & Install BLEACH Mobile 3D MOD APK (Menu, Damage/Defense multipliers) for Android


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