A4 vs Zombies MOD APK (Menu, God mode, unlimited ammo, add money) 5.5

Updated 12/01/2024 (5 months ago)
NameA4 vs Zombies APK
PublisherAPM2 Studio
MOD FeaturesMenu, God mode, unlimited ammo, add money
SupportAndroid 7.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
A4 vs Zombies MOD APK detail?

[ Player Menu ]

  • -> Godmode
  • -> One Shot Kill
  • -> No Reload Time
  • -> Rapid Fire
  • -> No Spread
  • -> Enable Lazar (Turret)

[ Account Menu ]

  • -> Add Gold
  • -> Add Gems
  • -> Add Energy
  • -> Max Battle Pass
  • -> Free Weapon Upgrade

[ Passives ]

  • -> Battle Pass Enabled (Restart Game After Tutorial Should Be Enabled)
  • -> No Ads

Introduce MOD APK A4 vs Zombies

Zombies are always an obsession for us every time we watch movies about them. But you can ultimately fight and destroy them if you come to the battlefield of A4 vs Zombies. This is where the Earth has been plunged into a crisis of post-apocalyptic catastrophes. Survive and fight in the most extreme conditions. Resist attacks with large numbers of undead and protect everyone. Don’t let the worst case happen.

A4 vs Zombies is a modern game designed with relatively high-end and advanced quality. So it will require a device with a reasonably high minimum configuration for stable operation. When looking at the graphics, we will see an excellent investment for smooth frames. Bringing a better playing experience to those with high demands. Worthy of being one of the top shooting games that you should try once. Feel free to entertain yourself the way you always wanted.

A4 vs Zombies mod

Download A4 vs Zombies mod – Fight and prevent the zombie apocalypse

The spread of the disease caused almost the entire population of the world to turn into zombies. Most of them could only frantically attack other living creatures. As one of the last survivors, you must protect those like you. Defend your shelter from the terrible attacks of those creatures. Move around, and the character will automatically attack when in range. You should focus on your steps if you don’t want to be battered to death. When completing the last attack, it will all be over, and you will get your reward. This is an excellent challenge for all warriors.

Your gun only has a limited amount of ammo in the cassette and will need reloading when it’s used up. During that time, you will not be able to attack the surrounding targets. So try to keep the maximum distance from the undead to ensure safety.

Character selection

Accompanying you will be many mighty warriors nominated. Each person has an ability that matches the type of gun they love when fighting. When choosing a character, you will have to use their default gun. There will be categories like rifles, machine guns, shotguns, or submachine guns available to you. Each type of gun will require a unique use pattern, and you will have to get used to that. Choose the people you love to play to your strengths. Glent, Kobyakov, and Vlad A4 are all mighty warriors waiting for you to lead in the right way. Don’t let them down with your abilities.

A4 vs Zombies mod free

Tons of weapons

Weapons are tools that heroes can use and protect themselves on the fierce battlefield. These will be classified according to the hero you can choose from. The rarer they are, the more damage and mobility they provide. You will have to upgrade them regularly to increase their strength. Make it possible for the hero to quickly destroy the enemy and stand up in the challenges of serious difficulty. You can hunt for new weapons in the bonus boxes that are given after completing the quest. Or you can spend money on lucky spins to find rare weapons. Each hero can only use the weapon they claim.

Challenging the boss

For players, bosses always bring nightmare moments every time they encounter. In A4 vs Zombies, bosses are over-modified zombies, leading to an increase in their strength and danger. Bosses also have special abilities that their fellows don’t have, such as spewing acid, throwing objects, releasing energy, or creating earthquakes. If you are not careful, you can lose your life quickly. Appropriate migration strategies should be in place to avoid the disadvantages they can make. From there, exploit the weak points and defeat them quickly.

A4 vs Zombies mod apk

Ranked Mode

This is a separate mode so that you can find your limits after a period of practice. The game rules are pretty simple, and you will be paired with any players by the system. All will work together to fight off the constant attacks of zombies. If anyone can survive to the end, that person will win. The higher you stand, the more ratings you will receive. Help to advance to higher ranks and improve your level. When looking at the A4 vs Zombies mod ratings, other people can immediately assess your current ability.

How to Download & Install A4 vs Zombies MOD APK (Menu, God mode, unlimited ammo, add money) for Android


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