Legend of Ace MOD APK (Hack Map) 1.70.1

Updated 22/01/2024 (1 month ago)
NameLegend of Ace APK
PublisherStill Gaming
MOD FeaturesHack Map
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Please install the official version on Google Play. Download link is deleted at the request of the publisher.Google Play

Introduce MOD APK Legend of Ace

Undoubtedly 5v5 games have become too familiar to everyone because of their high popularity. But there is an extremely quality name that will be mentioned today will be Legend of Ace. An extremely hot battlefield with warriors possessing powerful abilities. Make the most of your talents to bring advantages to your allies. Win to get the benefits that you are always wanting. Get ready for the most significant battles.

As a MOBA game, Legend of Ace has all the elements that players might need. Not only that, but it also plays to its strengths. From the interface to the image, the investment is perfect and beautiful. The elements in a match are continuously updated and changed accordingly. Above all, teamwork is what is most appreciated when players work together. Create novel tactical effects and spur creativity.

Legend of Ace mod

Download Legend of Ace mod – Fight and win glory.

Legend of Ace’s matches is designed to be fast-paced to save players time. The fighting style will also be similar when you play other MOBA games. There will be two teams fighting each other in a match, each consisting of five players. There are five roles in all: top, bottom, mid, jungle, and support. Assistants and ADCs will go together to make it easier to support each other. Move your character continuously to destroy targets and gain experience. At the same time, you will also get a certain amount of gold to buy equipment. Try to become stronger and overwhelm your opponent to gain as much advantage as possible.

Legend of Ace mod free

Buy equipment

Owning the equipment will bring great power to the heroes in each stage of the match. The difference in equipment will significantly affect the fights you make. The shop will sell equipment for all heroes with many genres. But you will have to know how to choose the right way to promote their abilities. For example, with magicians, you will have to find their magical equipment. With assassins or gladiators will use equipment with severe damage and ability. Blocking will require a lot of things that can increase their resistance. Junglers will have their kit to sweep resources in.

Combination of skills

Each hero in Legend of Ace possesses three specific skills. Each skill brings a particular benefit to your hero. Combining two or even all three skills to create combos that deal damage to enemies is possible. Not all skills have hurt, but sometimes they play other roles. For example, support champions will have healing skills, and warriors and gunners will deal damage. At the same time, tank and support champions create many advantages for allies and disadvantages for enemies. Know how to combine skills between many generals to make special attacks.

Legend of Ace mod apk

Eye-catching outfits

It is impossible to ignore the typical costumes to create the beauty of the generals in Legend of Ace. With fine lines of costumes from many different universes. You will be surprised to see your gunner put on an impressive police uniform. Support generals with many unique and beautiful skins. Any general can become a shining star in every match in both strength and appearance. If you want to own them, you only need a small amount of money. They were classified into different ranks based on their rarity. From fundamental to legendary skins can be obtained in any way.

Legend of Ace mod android

Many interesting events

The main event is one of the ways to bring the developer’s game closer to customers. Legend of Ace will launch many events with attractive offers. From discounts on skins and heroes to recharge packages. Moreover, through these events, you can get free items. Just participate fully and always pay attention to the activities that you have a lot of benefits for yourself. Enrich your collection with ease. No need to play too much or spend big money to get what you need. Many exciting things are waiting for you in this beautiful game.

Come right to the 5v5 battlefield of Legend of Ace mod to fight with other players. Show your abilities and rise to the top.

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1 year ago

No point of that hacked map… Better add diamonds and money…. Will be more usefull for the hack